Where in Oakland for investment?


There have been a lot of planned developments in Oakland but until they actually get built I wouldn’t hold your breath.


My impression is that they are actually faster to act than our Fab7x7…


Oakland has become a real liberal in terms of housing planning. Hope Oakland will save the world by providing more cheap housing


Come on, there are so many cranes up in the air in the city vs Oakland it is not close. I would love to see it, that’s all.


Oakland wants more new development, but low pricing makes it unattractive to developers. Labor and material cost is the same. I heard that Oakland also charges big dollars for new development.

I think the lagging market will hurt Oakkand more. Stay away from Okaland condos, very risky.


Dont count on it…It still takes forever for approvals in Oakland. .Plus there are plenty of other obstacles like financing and rising costs…Building new anywhere is tough, and builders are not jumping off cliffs to overbuild. …Plus never underestimate the power of nimbys everywhere…


Yeah, and Oakland has its share of NIMBY we want only affordable housing nuts who will do anything to stop the shovels. I don’t doubt that Oakland could be very good but you still have some of the old forces there that prevents it from ever really reaching the level that is SF. Come on, the A’s and Raiders have had issues trying to find upgraded homes and the Warriors are going bye-bye. Says it all…


I feel like SL is slowly trying to make their city more dynamic and attractive to businesses. Few years ago, they were trying to roll out affordable fiber optic internet connections for businesses. I’m not sure how that’s going.


The tech building near the Bart opened last year. OSI Soft was the anchor tenant… I don’t know if they have signed other tenants yet.


Downtown, a few blocks away, is on the rise too. More restaurants moving in and general activity is way up compared to few years ago. There’s a boba place too! The freaking line at T4 is always long…


Where is the closest Ranch 99?


Hahaa, SL and that area is not there yet. For Ranch 99, you have to go to Dublin or Union City. But there are a handful of big Chinese supermarkets in SL though. I don’t even bother going to Oakland Chinatown for Chinese/Asian groceries.


Right. Oakland Chinatown never gives me the good vibe…


A study should be done to determine the pre and post impact once a Ranch 99 comes online in a neighborhood. I am quite, quite sure that one off Skyline in Daly City made those houses around there more valuable (although def more traffic).


I am bullish on Milpitas and Union City because of Ranch 99. :smile:


Hmmm, Richmond, CA has one…

Fremont has TWO baby!!!


This Richmond location is basically in El Cerrito.


Now that explains my fondness for El Cerrito!


Rent control exempt 4 plex sold in hot Temescal…


At $500k per 2 bedroom unit, I think it’s not a good buy. You could easily buy 4 condos for the same price


How did it get exempt from rent control?


Units That Are Exempt From the Rent Adjustment Law

Section 8 units and other units that have rents that are controlled, regulated, or subsidized by a governmental unit, agency, or authority.

Accommodations in motels, hotels, inns, tourist houses, rooming houses, and boarding houses, provided that such accommodations are not occupied by the same tenant for thirty (30) or more consecutive days.

Housing accommodations in any hospital, convent, monastery, extended care facility, convalescent home, nonprofit home for the aged, or dormitory owned and operated by an educational institution.

Dwelling units in a nonprofit cooperative, owned, occupied, and controlled by a majority of the residents.

Dwelling units which were newly constructed and received a certificate of occupancy on or after January 1, 1983.

Buildings that were substantially rehabilitated after January 1, 1983. (See O.M.C. 8.22.030 B(2))

Dwelling units exempt pursuant to the provisions of the “Costa-Hawkins Act” (see Ca.Civil Code § 1954.52; these exemptions generally apply to single family dwellings and condominiums).

2 or 3 units on a single assessor’s parcel when one of the units is occupied as the owner’s principal residence for at least one year.

NOTE: Exemptions from Measure EE (the “Just Cause for Evictions” law) are not the same as for the Rent Adjustment Law