Where It's All Going

From the head of the left leaning New America Institute and Hillary’s right hand when she was Secretary of State. Some scary stuff wrapped in flowery language. Especially things like moving humanity from “making and building” to “maintenance and repair.” Basically the end of human progress. And a forced re-definition of productive activity. And trust me, this isn’t some whimsical vision; our Left is dead serious about it. A forced, static culture like Indians living in teepees for thousands of years, building nothing. Dissenters marginalized and deprived of any tools of self-actualization.
Oh well, after more than a millennia of being builders there are signs everywhere that Western Civilization is spent. “Our seed is thin” as they used to say. Maybe maintenance and repair are all we’re up for. Maybe it’s time for the East to pick up the torch of human progress. Their refusal to go along with COP 26 without it being watered down to nothing - at least as far as India, China and others were concerned - is a promising sign that the great human adventure won’t stagnate into oblivion.

They’re also honest about Build Back Better. They call it a down payment. In other words, the final cost will be FAR higher. That’s what happens when you use 10 years of tax revenue to fund 3 years of benefits to meet balanced budget requirements.