Where to buy in BA - given Fires/Climate change

We are currently renters in the East Bay, and have been meaning to buy for the last 5 years (oof). Now with prices through the roof, surrounded by a ring of fire (fires all around the East Bay) we can’t figure out where we should look? We wanted to go to Napa, but guessing that is going to be worse. we can afford up to 1.1m. Does anyone think the BA might go down in the next year or so? it feels like the top - lots of frantic bidding for houses, and my guess was with the fires/heat/power cuts, lots of people might leave in the next year or so. Thoughts?


Sales in Sonoma and Napa are going thru the roof. Read somewhere they are the hottest (sorry) market right now in the Bay Area. Where in East Bay are you thinking about? Generally speaking the farther you are away from the 101-corridor between SF and SJ, the cheaper the houses are. Fremont and the Pleasanton/Dublin area would be good for your budget.