Where to invest in 2017


Or Lil Kim’s missile can actually reach the US mainland.


Fun fact: NK missiles will reach Seattle before the Bay Area. :slight_smile:


To be absolutely safe, go to Texas or Florida.


Texas and Florida have hurricanes that will blow away your houses… not safe!!!


Anybody who thinks Florida or Texas is safe has not spent much time there…Texas was devastated by the savings and loan crisis and oil bust in the 80s…You could buy apartments for 10 cents on the dollar. Google RTC…Florida is notorious for volatility…Hurricanes, tornados are childs play compared to the vagaries of the real estate market…Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat its mistakes…


Despite S&L Debacle, Most Hard-Hit States Didn’t Amp Up Regulation

Now, many of the same states that suffered the most from the S&L crisis are among the hardest-hit by the current subprime mortgage meltdown, Bloomberg reports. However, there’s one exception: Texas, which ratcheted up regulation after seeing its failed thrift institutions lose some $45 billion in the 1980s and 1990s.

Nevada, California, Arizona and Florida are the hardest-hit by the current crisis
Article is dated Oct 8, 2008. So they are talking about the sub-prime crisis.


I love it, @hanera pushes Texas and I push the Sunset… no, we don’t have any conflict of interest…


Not pushing Texas or Austin in particular, just dismissing misinformation.


Come on, @hanera!!! Heavy on the mustard, no???


Just talking nonsense, why are you taking it so seriously.


Who is taking it so seriously? Have you really ever thought I took things seriously? You obviously don’t know me very well…


I do know that if I ever need info or a refresher on Austin and Texas, you would be the man, @hanera


My buddies bought tons of cheap apartments in Texas in the 80s…They have since repatriated the money to California. .They made their profits and got out…I built a self storage facility in Fort Worth…sold it …made 50% return in one year…I bet the buyer never saw anywherethat kind of return…

Everyone I know who invested in Texas for high caps regrets it and has left…I had one friend with 300 units in Dallas…Every year a unit would burn…Fires all the time…Cheap rents with low life tenants. …

Of course Hanera with his only 5 years experience knows nothing about the real Texas…Maintenance will eat him alive…Or he will just wait till his houses have fallen apart…


Oh my god, @hanera that doesn’t sound good about your investments…


I think we should all make a trip to Austin. …My buddy can show us around…I want to see Hanera’s houses…But mostly I want to go for the strip clubs and bbq. …lol

We should go in the summer…to get the full effect of Texas weather…Last time I was there was on a Labor Day…The humidity was like in Bangkok and it was 100 degrees


Come on, guys, to be fair are we not seeing news reports that the Austin/Texas market is doing well??? Can’t be that bad, now…


Yes, I love field trips. Count me in!


Me too, Uncle @Elt1!!! Show us what “strip clubs” and “bbq” are like in Texas!!!


No one cares about Seattle though. The N Korea promo video showed them blowing up SF.


Come on, our Korean style chicken wings are the bomb though!!!