Where to invest in 2017


Why the US not drop a couple nukes down on Pyongyang. Over and done!!!


Sad to say, it is probably under consideration right about now with this Prez…


Yes, nuke them first or they’ll nuke the beloved BA!!!


His friends and his investments are apartments and self storage in oil cities :joy:, no SFHS in Austin. Are you extending dissimilar ideas too far? I presume you study critical thinking, show me the connection.

A map of Texas showing the location of Fort Worth & Dallas vs Austin, they are 189.5 miles apart. That is about the distance between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia.


Really they are different? I have no idea!!! Field trip time… :slight_smile:


Sound like you’re bad in Geography and building types.
Self-storage is for storing all kind of junks, and can’t store humans legally.
Well, you should know the difference between apartments and SFHs.


Is there a viable solution that doesn’t require military action against them? I don’t seem them stopping their nuclear or missile development programs. Should we just sit back and let them develop an ICBM that can delivery a nuclear bomb to anywhere in the world?


Absolutely not! Nuke them!


You’re treating me like a 3 year old kid. Come on. Of course I know the difference between Austin and Dallas. Dallas is not worth investing in, whereas Austin is 2x not worth it! :slight_smile:


my friend in Austin has been building there for 30 years…Started building spec homes switched to strip mall centers…Builds and holds.


Self storage is one of the best investments ever…The key is a retail location like where they put McDonald’s. .Have a couple left, one in Oakland, one in Ventura…Build and sell is best did one in Orlando and one in Fort Worth. .made 50% return on each in one year, before the recession…beats the hell out of sfhs…




There are a lot more Chinese people in Dallas. Easier to get Dim Sum.


What? Uncle @wuqijun, we want to hang out with Uncle @Elt1. We don’t want dim sum, we want strip clubs and bbq!!!


My San Antonio contact died recently. .He built self storage facilities all over the country…Investors like me would put up the cash he would build the facility and handle all the development and sale. .We would split the profits…He died fairly young…too much BBQ and strip clubs…He actually took me to PF Changs in San Antonio. …probably the best chinese food in town…The BBQ is much better…His partner owned a meat processor BBQ joint…the real thing


I see. Now I know why you like LA and NYC. In absolute numbers, there are more Chinese there than BA.


Yes, you can pretty much gauge the attractiveness of an American metro by the number of Chinese residents.


Don’t care…(RIP)…we want strip clubs and bbq!!!


Actually, there are more Chinese people in BA than LA and NY!!! Even in absolute numbers!!!


He was into hunting…Had a 30,000 acre ranch…Never got the invite to go hunting…Should have done more deals…I couldn’t handle the Texas weather…