Where to invest in Ohio?

Many investors choose Ohio over Austin, TX during my recent conversation.

Anyone here can share some opinion about Ohio investment market?

The Cap looks like much better than Austin.

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High caps usually mean low demand. Curious if people in that neighborhood actually pay rent or just pretend to.


You bring up an interesting question. Rather than investing in either of those options people in the know are investing in Twentynine Palms and other select IE neighborhoods. If one performs an analysis the evidence is overwhelming… IE is the choice of a new generation. All aboard the gravy train :steam_locomotive::bank:

I’m not a fan of Ohio, but if I had to pick a city there it’d be Columbus.

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Agree with @marcus335. Go take a look at anything other then Columbus (e.g. Dayton), they are losing population and have excess and empty commercial and residential RE. Ohio is suffering from the loss of manufacturing, agriculture jobs and the defense cutbacks. So would be cautious on Ohio. I think one of the up and coming cities for millenials such as Denver and Nashville are better bets

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You miss the memo :slight_smile: Nashville is number 3 :slight_smile: