Which is good Neighborhood in San Mateo?

Just looking at some Condo, Townhome or SFH at San Mateo primary living for close relative.

I do not have any idea about San Mateo location.

Is this good Neighborhood in San Mateo?


How do I know about San Mateo locations, any website or good references?

One hack I use is look at primary school ratings. Because primary schools are super local, you get data on very fine grained locales. And better schools usually mean better neighbors.


Manch, Good Idea, Thanks.

I do not want to land in high crime locations.

I visited few open houses and going again for few. Mainly looking at Condos and Town home where crime rates are less. Good school areas are expensive too.

We just visited this home, it was crowded with first day of OH. LA was asking us this is best place, but we need to wait for at least 3-4 months.


This home, which we were not particular, went into pending immediately.

Out outlook is for Condo or town homes less than 700k as this is starter primary home.

I remember there was a thread in redfin which gave new condos being built. Any reference or thread details?

You mean bay meadow?

Yes, thank you.

I don’t know San Mateo well but I have always heard it is a safer area. Have you checked the neighborhood on www.crimereports.com or http://www.trulia.com/real_estate/San_Mateo-California/crime/ ?

There are no bad areas in San Mateo…Shoreview is one of the least desirable, but I flipped two houses there and met a lot of neighbors. .great people. …Big issue there is freeway noise and down by the bay aircraft noise

Thanks for sharing, I will watch these.

I visited one home in Shoreview and norfolk.


Streets on both sides CARs are parked and some places metal fences were there. The road is narrow when both sides cars are parked.

The LA said that house does not need flood insurance, but pockets of shore-view needs flood insurance. However, some occasional smell may be there, he said.

We did not prefer Shoreview location. Finally, we prefer to see west side of 101 to avoid going near the sea.

Again, some places near sea side, especially foster city, is expensive.

Shoreview has waterfront homes that allow waterskiing…one of the most unique neighborhoods in the BA

We saw a house there 6 years ago with its own private beach. Nowhere else in Bay Area can you find homes with private beaches no matter the price. And my wife still talked about it longingly just yesterday.

I would have bought that beach house…except it can be cold and windy…And there is a sewage treatment plant nearby. .The best location is near The Fish Market