Which is the best closing cost calculator for know home buying cost?

Which is the best closing cost calculator for knowing home buying cost?

I get very confused with 3 closing cost calculators I don’t know which one is giving me proper data.

  1. Houzeo Closing cost calculator
  2. Nerd Wallet Closing cost calculator - Website link - Closing Costs Calculator - How much are closing costs? - NerdWallet
  3. Homelight Closing cost calculator -

Do you have a mortgage company or a mortgage broker? They’ll tell you their estimated closing costs.

No. I am selling my house through the FSBO platform Houzeo, I am saving around 3% on commission by not going to the broker and I am trying to save more on closing costs as well and I landed on the above websites closing cost calculators.

The closing costs are the costs you pay to different parties during the course of completing your sales. Some items of closing costs are:

  1. Buyer pays the cost of getting loans. People in mortgage industry have mouths to feed too.
  2. Buyer/Seller paying to escrow people, if you are going through escrow people
  3. Buyer/Seller pay taxes and fees like recording fees and country fees.
  4. Buyer/Seller pay appraisals
  5. Buyer/Seller pay inspection

These items vary from county to county and provider to provider and how it is split between buyer and seller. The best source of closing cost will be the Escrow officer you are hiring.

If you are planning to eliminate all middlemen like realtor, mortgage broker, and escrow people, or going for an all cash offer, you may still have some government fees and taxes to be paid at the time of closing.
is there any specific item that you have question on?