Who are moving into and out of California?


If anything, one should sell real estate in order to buy stocks.


What hanera told us is common phenomena that is happening in Bay Area .

For the first time, you teach disaster ! You want people to sell homes so that you can buy? Tomato may like it :rofl:


I thought you said you’re not going to talk about stocks anymore. How come the renewed enthusiasm? :slight_smile:


Hi hi hi, if you have not touched real estate, I would have stayed away !:rofl:

I am talking about real estate, basic need of anyone’s life !

There was a saying about basic needs of people. Food, clothes and shelter are basic needs since the days we know of !

Stock or any other things are income producing assets to meet the basic needs.

Your vote is against the basic need!


I’m always for basic needs. However, plenty of people don’t own real estate. So owning real estate is not a basic need.


Your derivation is wrong as basic need comes from good old days (pre-historic days) in which stocks were not even invented/created…


Basics needs required building your own shelters. Now with communism you can get someone else to do it for free.
Called rent control. Aka lotto for losers.


I’m beginning to think that rent control can only be tolerated in very wealthy cities like NYC and SF.


Liberals are mentally ill. They believe kindness will be rewarded. Sure this old lady in NYC deserves kindness but 63 years of basically free rent is communism not kindness. It is theft by government fiat from hard working landlords and a giveaway to kooks who are willing to live in a shithole for 63years. Peeling paint, no shower no hot water no heat. This old lady was mentally ill… just like her liberal landlord, who is so rich he is unconcerned about $7k/m lost rental income

My mother in laws Moscow apartment built in the Stalin era is much nicer, although still a shithole that hasn’t been ever remodeled since 1950. Her rent is $100/m. The place will be torn down soon. But rent control forces people to live in squalor… even worst than the formally communist Russia


There’s a difference between liking the place you live and trashing everywhere else when you haven’t even been there…and this isn’t the first time wuqijun has said something like this about a state other than CA.


Which is fine. IT’s not like you’re gonna change his biased/strong opinion on the matter.
He’s what he is.


I mean let’s be honest. If North Dakota really were that nice of a place I would’ve been there already. You don’t see me trashing New York…


Wonder if there are stories about similarly low rents in SF today.


I know plenty of rich guys who keep their rent controlled apartments and have several multi million dollar other properties. Rent control is full of abuse and fraud.


Rent control is just an instrument. When used correctly it will help. When used wrongly it becomes abusive and fraudulent.


Rent control benefits a few to the detriment of everyone else…


Well I closed in Strawberry, AZ in March and will likely be there full time in a year or two. Just like Tahoe - elevation 6200 ft. Pine and Fir. Some fun facts -
Due mostly to the headaches of running a business in unincorporated San Mateo Co. the communities of Skylonda and La Honda, where I live now, have fewer than 10 official businesses and only one restaurant. There are also two deli counters. The combined population is about 2600.
The sister communities of Strawberry and Pine have about 4600 people but over 60 businesses including 10 restaurants and 6 counter style eateries. This reflects the ease of owing a business there. No Chinese but that’s OK - just gives me headaches and heartburn. The food that is, not the people. Although I saw neither.
My 1600 sq. ft house needed a new roof. That cost $5600. No sort of permit required.
The entire county is exempt from having to have cars “smogged.” Gas was $2.63 there three weeks ago.
There’s a theater close by in Payson and an active music scene but if you must visit artsy places full of liberals Sedona is just 75 beautiful miles away and MUCH nicer to visit than San Francisco. No poop piles or urine odor. If you like old style Americana there’s Winslow and Rt 66. And natural history - well, I could go on forever.
If you like guns and/or exotic animals, as I do (both), you’ve died and gone to heaven. No stupid laws. Convenient ranges. You can’t begin to compare the standard of living between there and here. No traffic, no oppressive government.
I’ll end all this by saying that the income figures for those leaving the state could be very misleading. You can have seven figure net worth and low taxable income. Last year I made enough in passive income for trips to Switzerland, to England, to see my cousin out in Colorado, and to join my cousin for his 60th in NYC. I paid NO federal income tax for 2017. I paid California $750. They sent back $683 of it. I’m still waiting for the explanation as to why (I’ll call when the volume dies down).


Plenty of wildlife poop piles and urine odor though :scream:


That’s is north Arizona right? Where and how far is the closest biggish city?


Your driver’s license is considered your concealed carry permit.