Who are moving into and out of California?

Surprising no one.


I bet it’s even more severe in the bay area.

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Not more “severe”, but “better” :slight_smile:

Check Quality of Life of CA

Methodology of list:

There’s no category for Asian restaurants and grocery stores. That list is fake news.

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CA economy is #4. So, doing good there.

No wonder people of lower income are being forced to leave or commute from Tracy or MountainHouse.

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Tracy and Mtn House are too expensive for poor people. They go to Stockton Antioch South Sacramento Pittsburg Manteca Salinas


I think CA got dragged down by Central Valley and SoCal. If we were to rank Bay Area alone would’ve been very high across all categories.

Also, when you see Quality of Life #1 being North Dakota, you know this whole methodology is biased in favor of hillbillies…

Are you in favor of splitting California into 3 states?

No need, even within the Bay Area there is a wide range of disparity across different neighborhoods…

Home price won’t peak until the net outbound migration reaches 2006 level. We are still ok

Don’t you think other states would have similar distributions/variances?


Deleted the quote reference which might be offensive to some people.

However, I don’t think @wuqijun was intending to insult.

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how much time have you spent in North Dakota??

I have a good friend who grew up in North Dakota. If her family wanted to eat out they drove 20miles to KFC.
The urbanites on this forum would classify it as a shithole. My friend now works for IBM has a house in Mill Valley and Hawaii… never to return to ND…

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Ok so maybe the term “hillbilly” isn’t apt enough to classify the quality of life in north dakota… :rofl:

it’s funny – I’ve lived in Europe, on both coasts of the USA (Boston when I was at MIT), and four different states in the interior of the USA. The only bigots I’ve ever encountered, throughout all of my journeys, are the folks on this forum.

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The biggest bigot you see is when you look at yourself in the mirror… :rofl:

ouch! sick burn!

The question still stands – how much time have you spent in North Dakota??? How many states have you lived in other than CA??

We don’t welcome bigots on this forum. I would advise you delete your account and leave.

I lived in Minnesota for many years and it’s a great place to live.