Who Couldn't Use One Of These?

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Oh that’s cool!!

neat, I think I saw one of these in one of the modern family episodes

Club is famous for its steep drives. I can see that being useful there.

Love it! Totally worth an extra $100-200K.

Wonder how much it cost to install.

Well, according to this dated article, around $30=40K for an average garage install. Googling the subject, seems a lot of companies do this now or make turntables that pricing will come down even more like those air pneumatic elevators for homes. Another thing I like is those car lifts that I have seen in cramped parking places like Manhattan. I understand those are fairly cheap now too so that if you have a high enough ceiling in your garage you can double your parking capacity potentially.

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haha yeah that’s what I think of too - the episode where Cam and Mitchell mess up that guys car by turning the thing on

Is there a manual version where you turn it by hand? With enough gears it should not be too hard? And much cheaper? :slight_smile:

But it would be much less cool I guess…

Yes, car elevator, turntable and double stacker all in one building!!!

North Bayview is Dogpatch 2.0?

Every last inch of the fab 7x7 will be prime soon…

Get in SF while you can…anywhere!!!

Well, you can at least get your upper body workout in…

Will SF building department allow this? This can save a lot of space for traditional stairs

Yeah, not sure about that this would meet our building codes. Regular elevators they def allow since my neighbor put one in for her dear disabled husband. Now that is a great wife!!! I wonder if you will have problems getting insurance coverage too.

I suppose you might have a problem bringing up that king sized mattress to your master bedroom…

I was working in this Atherton home, about 10-13 baths. Sooner than later, the small rooms and the 4 feet space hallways didn’t call their attention until they tried to stage the house. Only twin beds could be moved in…LOL