Who do you think is the best home warranty company?

buying a rental home and the seller offers home warranty, but who is the best home warranty company?

Old republic

I thought you already bought in brentwood? How is the rental market there? already rented?

Old republic from Old republic title?

the market is good, I am buying another one in Antioch

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What are the numbers in Antioch? How much for the house and how much it rents for?

I think thinking to rent it for $2200 with purchase price of $355k. Need to do small requires and clean up before renting out.

wuqijun manages to convince you to buy there?

Not sure can still get that type of yield.

Those numbers $355 k and $2200 rent make no sense if a loan is involved

Explain. Should still have positive cash flow.

no where near 1 hour drive has better buy. the house I bought is a newer home assuming less maintenance.

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it’s about 4-5% return on cash if manage it well not include any appreciation. I think it’s not bad consider putting them in stock market with such risk.