Who Doesn't Like Mr. Craigslist?

Does it have a secret vault with craigslist secrets? Or shares?

No, but it would be kinda cool to say you bought Mr. Craigslist’s house… Nobody will say, who???

Finally sold…1.48M

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Love Craigslist so much!!! In fact, I am going to help my plumber get going on advertising his services on there. He has about 15 years of experience working for large plumbing outfits. He is not licensed himself (which is the roadblock for now) but he can still get plenty of work. If anyone wants a reasonable, honest plumber PM me. He lives in Marin but will come down to the Fab 7x7 and maybe south some. Has experience in tankless water heaters, etc. I totally would vouch for him!!!

Wow, I’d never have guessed they had that kind of revenue. Yelp could learn something from them. Yelp needs an army of sales people to achieve less revenue than that.

Yelp is $776M revenue and $544M SG&A expenses…R&D is only $176M. It only costs them $70M to operate their platform. It’s literally a telemarketing company. If they could figure out how to sell ads without all the sales people, then it’d be a cash cow.

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If he advertises on craiglist he can be arrested…plumbing work requires a license

No, I looked into it, Craigslist allows one to designate oneself as licensed or unlicensed under services provided. it would be the consumer’s decision if he/she wants to go that way or not…

In CA and Nevada you are required to have license…My buddy was arrested in NV for advertising to do plumbing work like replacing a hot water heater…

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Agreed, but I want to help him out with business. I guess Craigslist is staying out of it and is just pocketing the listing fees. Not an excuse really, but I have been royally screwed by a licensed plumbing outfit and frankly his bonding company and the State of CA insurance were of no real help. He had so many cases opened against him that he simply changed bonding company.

Cities are cracking down on unlicensed plumbers and electricians in particular. All work requires a license and a permit… they want their money


“Last year that immune system failed, which is why we need to focus on rebuilding and sustaining a trustworthy press now more than ever. While a complex task, given the evolving uses of technology in spreading disinformation, in order to remedy this issue we must create a more formalized journalistic code of ethics for the digital age.”

What? Just last year? He acknowledges that news has had a spin for thousands of year, but just it’s only last year that Journalists have been twisting the truth? I sense we are about to enter an era of online censorship that will make Russia’s censorship look tame.