Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


Wow… That’s insane.


Any May Day protesting in the bay area? It’s hilarious that they march on Amazon when it’s about working rights of immigrants. Amazon filed the most H-1B applications last year and fifth most Greencard applications.

There’s also a group protesting the construction of a new youth detention facility. They think we should stop putting youth in jails. That’s their way of evening things out, since African American youths are incarcerated at a higher rate. It’s not about getting them to commit less crimes. it’s literally about eliminating jails, so there aren’t consequences to crime. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll lower crime rates. They’re actually winning and the construction has been halted.



Wow, which party is going to pass legislation to give dreamers a path to citizenship and end the practice of separating families? I wonder how democrats will justify voting against it.


Midterm play going on :slight_smile:


It’s interesting, because Europe is becoming far more anti-immigrant. I think it was Austria just raided and shutdown a bunch of Mosques while deporting people they deemed to be radicals. That would have been unheard of a few years ago. They’d be too afraid of being labeled racist.


Moderate is the best. The far left can turn into far right quickly. We don’t want violent swings.

Let the media and politics become a mixture of left and right. If we allow both left and right, we should be fine. The worst nightmare is only-left or only-right, or extreme left or extreme right.

These should be an annual bonus for moderate people, from taxes to extreme people.:rofl:

Moderate is the reason for humanity. Without the moderates, human race would have become distinct long ago.



Next, let’s name a hospital after a serial killer


Come on, at least this undocumented immigrant is Asian, so he’s your distant relative.



So California.


It’s an open secret, i.e. fraud is rampant.


The photo was used on a Facebook fundraiser that drew more than $17 million dollars in donations from close to half a million people for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a Texas-based nonprofit that provides legal defense services to immigrants and refugees.


CNN reports that mainstream democrats now want to abolish ICE


Posturing or for real :flushed:


CNN might know the answer.

CNN seems to have moved to the far left and is working to divide Democratic Party into 2 parts. The infight between the far left and moderate democrats may intensify. Recent defeat of #4 democrats might be a precursor. Democratic establishment might have underestimated the influence of the far left. Bernie Sanders is not a Democratic Party member and he is the cheerleader on the sideline to split the Democratic Party. The defeated #4 democrat did not even show up for the debate, he sent a Hispanic representative to represent him in the last debate before the election.


The Dems were driven left into the ditch by the Bernie faction. Their arrogant drive to the left rattled Hillary and lost the election. Let them keep going left. It will end badly in November. Might even elect Cox. The US is a right of center country no matter how much screaming and lying on the left.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the loony left. They can take credit for the elections of Reagan, Bush and Trump. Their antics will keep driving the country right.


ICE under Trump has turned into a terrorist org. Maybe start by treating people like humans and earn people’s trust back.