Why Are We Protecting Illegal Immigrants In This Country?


Sorry but illegal is illegal.

By 2020 Ca will have a real Federally approved id for a drivers license and one for illegals. Which means citizens have to go to the DMV and stand in line. The illegals can just mail theirs in.
You can’t get on a plane without the real id
Thank you Jerry for giving drivers licenses to illegals.

Same with college tuition. Illegals are given preference over out of state citizens who have to pay higher fees and local illegals get the cheap local discount

My understanding is illegals get free education free food stamps free medical and can qualify for section 8
No wonder they will do anything to get across the border.
Including using their kids as in a game of chicken with ICE. Just because Guatemala has a high murder rate it doesn’t mean all their citizens qualify for political asylum


You aren’t watching how Europe is dealing with immigrants and refugees now.


The left wants open borders. What does that say to legal immigrants like my wife that worked hard and followed the rules. Many of which are waiting years while the illegals jump the line. A choice … chaos or strict border control.
If the Democrats get their way millions will flood across the border.


They really do. If you ask them what their solution is, it’s to not separate families. Well, that means you can’t charge parents for breaking the law. So the end result is an open border for anyone with kids. They don’t argue that that’s not what they want.

The other thing is they lump all asylum seekers together. They act like it’s the same thing to claim asylum before crossing the border vs. crossing illegally then claiming asylum after you get caught breaking the law. The two situations are different. The ones doing it legally aren’t separated.


Mexicans get $4/hr in the border factories. Much less farther south. They will continue to cross along with many from much farther south.

Let the Democrats run on open borders. Show fake pictures of immigrants being abused and demand the end to border control. Republicans will win in November. Trump won because of immigration, trade and Hillary


Do democrats believe that open border policy can help win the midterm election? I guess not. It’s the media such as CNN who’s forcing the mainstream democrats to go far left.


I would suggest take in ALL, place all these poor undocumented/immigrant/refugee whatever you called them in downtown san jose. menlo park. Google, facebook’s love and peace should provide them with housing/food/everything. They have the land and let’s build housing for these people. don’t seperate their family. And we need to start placing those people into whoever currently protesting , stand up and put it into action. Take in these poor family in your own home and provide them with shelter and food.
Sharing is Caring , come one people, put it into action…
write down the information of protester. place one refugee/undocument family into their own home, they’ll have to support them, let the protester put their LOVE into action


Saying all democrats or all liberals want open borders is the same as saying all Republicans are Nazis and racists.

You can keep beating that straw man to death. But it doesn’t advance the dialogue much.


It’s the media which is controlled by SF and NY. Other democrats disagree but they have no money so they have no say.


Media is not controlled by any one group. They are chasing after eyeballs and profits.




It is not about the the media. It is about the progressives taking control of the Democratic Party.
A lot of Dems and independents are convinced that Bernie would have beaten Trump. Hillary wasn’t leftie enough . Meaning they want Elizabeth Warrren to take over. I bet she does and gets beaten badly by Trump in 2020. In fact if she Harris and Newsom crow too much the Dems will suffer big defeats this November.
Remember McGovern. Bigger loser ever to an actually very unpopular Nixon. Nobody ever liked Nixon, including Eisenhower and most conservatives.

Trump is the least most popular president since Nixon
Warren will reassure his re-election. He should keep calling her Pocahontas. Will get him elected.
Her school marmy lectures make everyone cringe.
She belongs on a senate inquisition panel not in the Oval Office. Has no executive ability at all.



Well said. “When a US Citizen is arrested, their children are separated and sent to CPS.” Exactly.

I didn’t realize border patrol was different from ICE.


All the uproar about separating kids. Look at what they found when trying to reunite them:


Love that they made an info-graphic.


Love and Peace , even all these sexually abused adults, criminals, you should not discriminate against them. we should use love and peace to change them. Let’s place them into one of my liberal friend’s home, and allow his hot wife to convince him to change their behavior


Actually, you might be able to rehab criminals by addressing their brain health:


could one of the people help this poor immigrant, let him live in your house, use love to convince him not do bad thing again?


Ok, Pro Illegal Immigrant Backers,

Here we have Mr. Rideshare Rapist. What say you?