Why Bay Area Real Estate was/is/being Crazy ? => Facebook’s median pay tops $240,000

Facebook’s median pay tops $240,000 — here’s how that compares to 30 other big Bay Area employers


Can blame FB for driving up the salary of SWEs and hence prices of RE. Without FB, should be much tamer.

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Part of that is also “more senior engs” in the companies. Not just higher salaries at every level.

I would be surprised if that’s the case since FB is big on hiring new grad too. But having first hand knowdge to both FB and Google, I believe they pay almost the same for most of levels. But there is always outliers at every level since they compete for talents without the cap in the salary.

No what i mean is not new hires. Existing hires growing into senior roles & higher pay. RSUs piling up etc.

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Goog appreciated a little slower so total comp is a little lower for existing employees

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It says Median income, that means 50% or above employees.

it probably takes 2 years to become 50%ile. I am 6-7 years in, already at 90% ile in number of employees.

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