Why is everyone moving back to Iowa?

For real?

The BA used to be like Iowa and Nebraska. People miss the small town feel when you knew and trusted your neighbors.

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The comments are …interesting. Lots of haters from urban areas. Of course it is the NYT.

The contempt of urbanites towards rural America helped elect Trump and will be exposed to elect him again.

Move ‘back to Iowa’? I didn’t know anyone ever lived there in the first place.

I kid. I kid. lol joking

commercial and retail properties for lease

Are you a commercial realtor in DC? Does Amazon HQ2 help you?

Yes and no. The DC area is already booming so it doesn’t need the help of Amazon. A lot of retailers want to be in the mix and a lot of landlords/developers want to take advantage with higher NNNs. As of now it’s kind of a wash. But I’m sure in the long term it will be beneficial

Where are you located?