Why Is This San Jose Home Not Moving?

Hey you San Jose experts! Why is this house not moving? My lil sis wants to know since she knows the owner. My guesses would be small home/lot and current market conditions in general. I don’t know the area. Maybe priced too high to competition homes that are bigger?

315 Brian Ct, San Jose, CA 95123-4405 | MLS# 40995978 | Redfin

Her neighbors’ houses sold during “hot market” for only $1.2m

The price reductions are so small. Don’t want to sell that bad. :laughing:

The friend’s place is only 2/1 and small sq ft.
Price it at $950k and let it fly. :joy:

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Hottest is Apr-Jun 2022, not Aug-Oct 2021.

Ok sure , you’re the pro. I’m just some guy online talking shit. :joy:

I put it in quotes. Just saying it has to be “hotter” than now.