Why no one speaks of central part of SF?


There seem to be lots of threads about Sunset, Noe Valley, etc., but why no one really discusses about the older/classical neighborhoods like:

  • NoPa
  • Cole Valley
  • Duboce Triangle etc?

We went to Cole Valley/Haight Ashbury area and it was lovely! Commute to downtown also seems pretty convenient… Is the lack of interest because these neighborhoods are pretty expensive already?


Noe Valley is pretty “central”, no? The north central part of SF is super expensive…


Those are the hippie summer of love neighborhoods. Not very Asian friendly so Asians here don’t talk about them much… :rofl:


I like those areas, a lot. But I can’t afford them… :crying_cat_face:


Why don’t you sell your SF, SJ, and Sacramento homes, combine forces then you can buy a mansion in PAC heights. :rofl:


Hmm… I guess there are fewer sfhs in those areas, and those are super expensive.

Though these places look pretty nice @ decent prices. Not sure about appreciation potential though.


1431 Baker is pretty cheap. Multi-family prices have been going down in SF. Among NoPa, Cole Valley and Duboce I like Duboce the best.


Went to elementary school in Cole Valley. Neighborhood is very nice but considered quite expensive even back in the day. :pensive:


Well, if we had posters who live in those areas or who were looking to buy in those areas I am sure we would be talking about them more. Yes, nice expensive neighborhoods but street parking is kinda tough in those areas. The thing that I like about the Sunset besides the availability of street parking in general is that while the homes are for the most part still touching each other, most streets consist of mostly 2 storied maximum SFHs and with the streets being fairly wide you get a sense of more space.


Dude you managed to bring Sunset into every conversation… :roll_eyes:


Keep in mind that I was commenting on SFGate a long time ago before you created this world and even back then I was high on the Sunset. Those who listened and bought in the Sunset made tons of money. I could have bought anywhere at that time since I was single, but I knew the Sunset’s sun was rising. I still have the actual email that Alex my RE agent sent me to check out the pocket listing that turned out to be my very home to this day. Now, shacks in the outer Sunset go easily for over 1M.


You should tat “Sunset” on your arm… will be super popular with the (Chinese) ladies in the gym… :smile:

Speaking of central SF, hippie ground zero Haight Ashby is pretty expensive too. The houses around the Buena Vista Park are very lovely.


Considering how much I sell for them, San Tung would come first on my arm…

Ok, Fearless Leader, time to go open housing… see ya out there…


Re: thses older homes, how is the noise level between floors? I used to live in a multi unit in south bay, and I could literally draw out my upstairs neighbor’s walking path.

The newer condos don’t seem to have this problem as they’re built in concrete, etc.


BTW, just saw this. Some of the tags are hilarious… :slight_smile:


Did not know “lesbian family” is a thing…


Why you have something against 2 women sleeping together in the same bed?


No problem at all. Just not aware they have their own neighborhood.


It’s called Castro :rofl:


I thought lesbians preferred Noe Valley, Berkeley and Seattle. …lo