Why San Francisco has a $12B budget but still tons of problems

“People are always complaining and always saying, ‘Well, we have a $12 billion budget,’” said Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, chair of the Budget and Finance Committee. “But really … the mayor doesn’t have control over $12 billion. And neither does the Board of Supervisors.”

Due to a patchwork of voter mandates, and state and federal rules, the majority — about 73% — of San Francisco’s budget was already accounted for before Breed and the supervisors could get their hands on it.

Then comes the city’s biggest expense: salaries for its 31,800 full-time positions. The average compensation for city employees is now $175,004 a year, including salary and benefits.

Maybe I should go get a janitor job at City Hall. :rage:

Fire half of the city’s employees

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Yeah, and some people want these same idiots in charge of the federal government. The problem is always that there isn’t enough tax revenue.