Why Trump won

Link sent from a farmer friend of mine. …


This article is full of crap. It’s the same tired narrative that the right is the pragmatic self-reliant farmer, and the left is the self absorbed elite. Well, turns out the Trump cabinet is full of Wall Street bankers and billionaires, the same “elites” America is supposed to rebel against.

Society collectively values farm work much less than posting clever articles on Facebook. If it’s the other way around young people would move to Fresno and take up farming.

The liberal elite left the working class go years ago…Now they use class warfare and accusations of racsim to rally their cause…Didn’t work. .Whatever happened to pragmatic dems like Willie Brown and Bill Clinton? Read Listen Liberal. …The environmental movement is an elitist religon that has sold the American worker down the river…Farmers are now routinely attacked by the EPA…Soon all food will have to be imported…

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Farmers should just suck it up, sorry. They use up all our water without paying a dime. Get all the illegal labor to work in their stinking fields without paying legal wages. Billions of federal subsidies for polluting our rivers and air. How much more are we supposed to help them? And we are supposed to feel sorry for them?

THE EPA is a terrorist organization. .They have already destroyed our manufacturering base… And now are determined to starve us to death…Hipefully Trump will ban the rabble that currently runs it.


Farmers in America make us the best fed country in the world … The lberal elite thinks we should all be vegans and grow our own food…That attitude will cause mass starvation


EPA is the enemy of the people. .They know the only ticket to a pristine environment is no people and that is their ultimate goal…

Which one do we rather have? Farmers or computer programmers? Apricot valley or Silicon Valley?

If you got money everyone will compete to sell you food. Money will get you food. Don’t worry.

What are you going to eat and how much are you willing to pay for it? I don’t see how you can support wasting billions on public transit that benefits 65k/day yet you don’t agree with farm subsidies when all Americans have to eat. Higher food prices would have the greatest impact on the poor. Are you going to watch them either starve or financially struggle even more?

I guess we should go back to being hunters and gatherers and living off the land.

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You’re really OK with giving up food security and depending on other countries to grow it? Yeah, I can’t see that ever going wrong in time of conflict or war.

It is easy for urban elites to regulate farmers faraway… What about all the pollution in Silicon Valley and the MV plume…What if the EPA declared Silicon Valley a superfund site and banned everyone from working and living there…They have the power to do it…I have a friend with cancer that worked for google…She is convinced she got it from pollution in the ground water…She is recovering at Stanford. .they took outhalf her lung…

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Food is cheap here because of the hidden or not so hidden government subsidies. At the end of the day, you need to ask: what’s the competitive advantage of this country? Is it farming?

I don’t think so.

It’s a mutually dependent world. What is the scenario that every country in the world is going to refuse sell us its food? If that’s the case I think we ought to think what’s wrong with us.

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Food from foreign countries is unregulated. …Do you trust third world countries to provide safe, reliable food?..Or would you rather have the EPA just run rough shod over our own people and make up bullshit rules. .The same rules that double the cost of housing construction

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Last night, I was on FB, and in one of those flea market groups from the central valley, a poster showed the transportation of quite few border patrol trucks. Since many people in different areas have posted the same trucks mounted on top of a small truck, it seems they are parading them for shock and awe purposes.

This could mean this administration is going to stab on the back the same people who foolishly thought they would be immune to the stupid deportation task being assembled by Twhitler.

I am tired of repeating the scenario. They know where to start, and that won’t be in your normal painting company. No. They will start with higher numbers and those numbers are located at your normal nursery in Salinas, Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield, Tulare and so on. This will translate in you, the investor, seeing your homes being emptied one by one. Then, stores, home depot, your bank, your business of any kind taking a hit where you are hurt the most, your pocket!

I know that only in one nursery, 400 people work permanently. 2,600 are needed in a temporary basis. You scare or deport 2,600, you, the dumb investor in that area, where do you think they live? Under a rock or in your property?

I was just participating in another topic from my former home town back in Guatemala. The scenery I was seeing was out of God’s hand, beauty, with a volcano at the background, but no trees. They have been taking them down, pesticides, burning cane sugar plantations, indeed, poisoning not only the ground, water buy the whole environment. Rivers are full of crap, any industry just dumps the chemicals on the river bed, which transports the residual all the way to the ocean.

I give this country 6 years. From that point, we’ll be either wearing masks as in China, or we’ll be not able to even water our grass with the contaminated water.

Just look at it, the idiot in the white house just authorized the coal miners to dump any residual of their activities in the rivers. Talking about shooting yourself in your mouth.

What’s going to happen when environmental studies are not required anymore? If I were living around a lake, what the hell, just dump anything in it. Done deal.

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I eat Mexican avocado everyday. So far no problem… :slight_smile:

We need to let this self reliant thing go. We also don’t sew our own clothes anymore. Turns out if you pay some 3rd world countries pennies they are more than happy to do it for us. So? Should we refuse and insist on “Clothes independence”? No! Just do what we are best at, make more money, and pay other people do it for us.

That’s literally what capitalism is about. Everybody does what everybody is best at, and trade.

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Like Twhitler and his family? All their garbage made in China, Turkey (Muslim country), Indonesia (Muslim country) and so on?

Oh, didn’t he say that from now on, everything would be made in the US? Duh!

The Stream Protection Rule (SPR) is one of those complex federal regulations that can have an important impact on particular communities but may mean little to the rest of the country.

The regulations, formulated late during the Obama administration, aimed to reduce the effect of coal mining on surface water, groundwater, fish and wildlife. The rule would have required companies to avoid mining practices that permanently pollute streams and destroy drinking water sources; companies would have needed to test and monitor the condition of streams before, during and after mining as well as restore streams after mining activities are completed.

That brief description barely scratches the complexity of the rule, which when it was proposed in 2015 took up 262 pages in the Federal Register, consisting of 150 pages of explanatory preamble and 112 pages of regulatory text. The mining industry fought fiercely against it, saying it was unnecessary. Surrounded by lawmakers and miners, President Trump on Feb. 16 blocked its implementation — a reward to a community that had overwhelmingly supported him in the 2016 election.

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Public transit is cheap because of massive subsidies. Fares don’t even cover operating costs. The capital costs are 100% subsidized. You think Caltrain and BART and more important than food? You won’t die without public transit.

I’m pretty sure other countries can shutoff facebook and survive. How long would we survive without food? If a natural disaster destroys significant amounts of food, do you think a country would feed it’s own people or sell the food to us? I can’t believe you’re comparing food and clothes. If we’re so mutually dependent, then why have a strategic oil reserve? I mean that’s no chance we’ll need it. We should just sell all that oil on the open market.

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Trump won because the middle class in America is stagnating/declining and his rhetoric spoke to this fact while Hillary’s did not.

Removing environmental protections & financial regulations, privatizing schooling, and lowering taxes will benefit the wealthy far more than the middle class. Time will tell but I’d bet money that his policies will benefit “elites” more than his voter base.