Why Would Anyone Invest In Florida?

It baffles me so many people move there for retirement. Hurricanes seem like a horrible idea when you’re old.


Yeah, while certainly heat can be detrimental to one’s health too, I would think some place like Arizona might be a better place for retirees. I just can’t image millions of people fleeing a state…

What about Bay Area? Earthquake = one and done.


Arizona is free from major natural disasters. It’s a safe place to retire. So is Nevada and Utah.

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Arizona and Nevada: deserts without water = thirst to death. Utah only good for hillbillies and Mormons.

2 good places: Vancouver and New York.

New York is also at Hurricane risk. Rising sea levels are going to create worse storm surge conditions. Look at Sandy that resulted in flooded subways.

I think Colorado!

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Colorado: High altitude = increase sun ray exposure = skin cancer and death.

Suddenly there is no suitable place on Earth for humans???
Time to explore the outer space?

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Yes, follow Elon Musk’s footstep: colonize Mars next.

But I think you’ll die much faster on Mars… :rofl:

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Have the climate scientists moved to Utah or Colorado? With the projected sea level rise, SF and NYC should be the land for the uneducated hillbillies :grinning:

Where will be the fire beachfront after all the ice metls? Investors can profit from the spreading of sea level rise rumor

They all die from high altitude skin cancer sickness before sea water rises to take us out.

from lack of good (any???) chinese restaurants…


Our Fearless Leader

Among other things… :laughing:

The news media hyped this beyond belief

Not as bad as it seems just like Loma prieta
In 1989

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If you live in a highrise in Miami you are fine

I am helping a guy selling his 20+ properties, some in Florida. We will help him to avoid paying capital gains. He will buy with his partners this huge complex of apartments somewhere.

He told me his properties are selling better that he thought.

Those who don’t believe in global warming are welcome to move to Santa Rosa.


Funny how almost everyone believes in climate change and sea rise… and yet waterfront property skyrockets in value. Are people stupid, hypocritical or in denial???I am making investments at 6200’ . I will just spend only vacation money on beach front…

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