Why you need to define your buyer



Efficiency in business is a function of focus. An increased focus on the valuables and less focus on non-essentials. Time management experts say we spend up to 20% of our day on the most effective tasks. Obviously, we ought to identify these valuable tasks and do more of them.

But we might apply this 80-20 rule in business and fail to see how it applies to marketing. Business and marketing surely go hand in hand.

Marketing to people who have no need of your product, can’t pay or wouldn’t buy is a waste of time and energy. Apply the 80-20 rule and streamline your marketing for efficiency. I can help you define your ideal buyer’s persona.


Uh, do you realize where most of us are? Bay Area (mostly), baby. Every house sells. Every. Single. One. Even ones with a mummified body and jars of urine…