Wiener Chickens Out, Scales Back Density Bill

With so many people/cities against his bill, maybe Wiener had to give in some…

5 stories seems like a random number that sucks. If I remember right, up to 4 stories can be wood frame construction which is much cheaper to build. Once you go 5, then you have to go concrete construction and those codes last to 8 stories. I’m not sure what level the code changes beyond that.

I imagine most construction would be 4 stories. It’s not worth all the extra cost for 1 story.

5 stories is possible. One story parking with a concrete podium deck and 4 stories of wood above.


I’d like to see Wiener as governor than that hairgel monster.


Wiener would have to get a name change

Instant name recognition. What’s not to love? :smile:

Is Newsome a good name?

That republican candidate Cox could allow better density than Wiener.

Arnold didn’t do much to housing, is it because there were too many foreclosed houses sitting empty?

Republican has serious image problem. Start by getting rid of the guy at top.

It’s funny. There’s a theory that the guy at the top could have 2 fates, he’ll get one of the two, no option to be an average top gun.

  1. Being impeached
  2. Become one of the greatest president in history, just like FDR and Reagan.

FDR has served 4 terms, which is impossible now. But what will poeple say if he did match or exceed Reagan? The out of ordinary things usually have 2 possibilities, either extremely bad or surprisingly good.

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Nothing worst than Weiner name especially with one is already in jail

Newsom was a small business owner. Does it help?

Who cares about his hair? What was Reagan’s hairstyle?