Will Seattle really become the next San Francisco?



Hey, you are preaching to the choir as no one is more of a fanboy of SF than me…


Here is my story. I lived in Vancouver so it is like Seattle (maybe with a bit better traffic) weather wise. When my wife and I moved to Bay Area, the weather was on the nice to have list. I didn’t really mind the rain at all, but I hated gloomy and cloudy days. But after I live in Bay Area, I won’t go back there mainly because of the weather! So I am in the camp with weather is high up on the list :slight_smile:



Err, check’s in the mail, @myo


I would never live in SF becuse of the weather. .Like Redwood City and South…Or Orinda and East…Or Marin…SF is too cold and foggy. …So is Berkeley



There was also a popular Chinese movie set in Seattle. I wonder if it boosted the demand there?


Google is planning to locate 1,900 employees right next to Amazon’s HQ. Paul Allen’s company is building the buildings and google already signed 15-18 year leases. I know Uber and Facebook both have offices in Seattle. Tableau and Expedia have their HQ there. I think a higher percent of their tech is newer than the Bay Area. They have Microsoft as older tech, but they are growing again. You don’t read about mass layoffs there the way HP, Cisco, Intel, and older tech in the bay are is laying off.


Happy New Year, Fearless Leader @manch!!! Saw this story…why are we wasting more court time and money in this country???


“Regular housing inspection” sounds too much like 1984 for my taste…


Again, why are we allowing this when the US Supreme Court has already ruled it ok??? I don’t understand all the crap that is allowed when presumably the highest authority has spoken. This is the same marijuana and sanctuary city issues (state vs fed or city vs fed). Isn’t the federal government the final say, the ultimate bad parent???

At issue is whether a city must show probable cause of a housing violation to get an administrative warrant to enter a property. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1967 that it wasn’t necessary, but Sanders argues that the Minnesota Constitution imposes a higher standard.

Golden Valley’s attorneys say a ruling requiring that additional probable cause would make Minnesota a national outlier and undermine cities’ ability to enforce property maintenance rules.

“No other state has done what the appellants in this case are asking Minnesota to do,” said Ashleigh Leitch, an attorney for the city.


Sounds like Seattle landlords may be even more sleepless…


I’m not surprised. This is happening nationally. It’ll be the worst in cities with the lowest percent ownership. People feel it’s completely acceptable to use the government to destroy property rights and attack the rich.


It’s called democracy, we still have, the right to petition for whatever. Same as the government helping the rich while cutting help for the poor. It’s a game we all know, why complaining?

Weather is one of the main reasons some of my long time friends want to come to CA, now, prices is something else.


Seattle area killing it!!!


The sooner Seattle house prices reach parity with us, the more secure Silicon Valley is. Only Seattle has the potential to steal the crown from us, and even that is quite distant. No other so-called tech hubs are even playing in the same league.


Seattle is perfect for techies. …they never go outside…right???


$630k is a long way from SF, SC, or SM median home price.


We need to dismantle 2 evil empires: Microsoft and Amazon. After that, the world will be FREE!!!


I think LA is the perfect place for tech…Ucla, Usc, Cal Tech, the entertainment and movie capitol of the world…whats wrong with our southern neighbors?
Well at least they have more than Austin or Seattle. …


Wow, putting Westwood ahead of all mighty Cal Tech??? (USC should be last, by the way…hate to offend any Cal Tech grads)