Will Seattle really become the next San Francisco?


We still have our ESJ or EPA equivalent which are $300k. I wonder if those will have the largest appreciation over the next 5 years. They are prime candidates to gentrify after people are forced out of pricier areas.




How much would a 6,000 sq ft lot in a good part of SF cost?


In Sunset would be $1M.




This article is crap. They compare the most superficial aspects of the two cities.

Seattle will never become San Francisco. There maybe lots of talents in the area and so companies are setting up offices there. But the organic startup rate is nowhere near the Bay Area. How many unicorns came from Seattle? Can you name even one?


It’s about the future. Where will the next 50 unicorns be? We know where the last 50 were.


Aren’t Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks home grown in Seattle? Seattle people are good at making kings, but they are not so good to start many companies and let them fail mostly :joy:

Seriously is there any startup success rate? Is Seattle much much better at startup success rate but the number of startups is really poor?

The last homegrown success in BA is Google. FB is imported from Boston


If you care about the future you have to look at the past. Why hasn’t any unicorn come from Seattle? What has changed since then to make it happen in the future? It’s not because of lack of talent I can tell you for sure. Before Amazon there was Microsoft. Many of the world’s brightest minds worked at Microsoft in the 80s and 90s. Any notable startup from Seattle in the 80s and 90s? Amazon is almost 20 years old. What happened?

One possible reason, besides the usual “ecosystem” answer, is non-compete. In CA you can quit your job today and start a new one in a competing firm the next day. It’s illegal to have non-compete clause in contracts. Not so in WA. So you don’t see people quitting and starting new firms. Gates and Bezos both didn’t quit old jobs and started new companies.




I’m not sure I’d brag about unicorns. Most of them can’t even go public, since it’d be a massive down round for them. They are stuck as overly valued private companies. I’m sure Amazon and Microsoft each employ more people than all SV unicorns combined.

Bezos did quit his job to start Amazon. He was working at a hedge fund. Gates dropped out of Harvard, so he didn’t even have a job to quit.


SV has AAPL, FB, GOOG, HP, CSCO, INTC… too many to list.

Are there any listed money making behemoths from SF?
The examples are Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Twitter.

MSFT, AMZN and Starbucks in Seattle are biggies. Why would Seattle want to be SF? It should try to be SV.


Point is that they didn’t quit their jobs in Seattle to start companies. For Seattle to have a thriving startup scene you need people doing that in droves.

So maybe people in Seattle don’t want that. That’s fine. But don’t dream about being the next Silicon Valley then.


We from outside think all the surrounding suburbs as Seattle. Like how outsiders think Bay Area as San Francisco.




:scream: trains are not save… better stick with cars…



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