Will Tarek and Christina Be There?

to field questions about their relationship…


Of course they will be rivals now…

I suppose I will watch while on the treadmill at the gym (nothing else to watch) but now that they are divorced do people care???

People that get into remodel projects often get divorced. I don’t know it the remodel project was a cause or a symptom of underlying issues. But remodeling your own home can be stressful and can really bring out the differences and issues between a husband and wife. I saw a lot of this as an engineer working with hundreds of clients.

If you like her blonde look, it’s $500-1500/mo to maintain it. I know someone that goes to the same salon in Scottsdale, AZ. Yeah, people travel to get their hair done once a month. It’s actually other people’s hair weaved into hers and all bleached to be the same color. It’s insane.

I actually work with a gal who could be her double. Weird…

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Wow, who doesn’t love free car maintenance for life???