Willow Glen road diet may be permanent

The city’s Department of Transportation … recommends that the narrowing of Lincoln from Coe Avenue to Minnesota Avenue be made permanent. The City Council will vote on this June 28.

The DOT reviewed data in February and found that sales tax receipts from area businesses had risen, meaning customers have been not been driven away; speeds had slightly improved; and bicycle use had jumped 83 percent and pedestrian traffic 20 percent.

I didn’t know what “road diet” means. Apparently they intentionally shuts down some lanes to slow down traffic. :slight_smile: And I actually think it’s a great idea.

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I don’t think it does any good. It may decrease traffic in one area. People avoid that area and it increases traffic on nearby streets. People ends up using nearby residential streets as shortcuts.

The article says the shops’ business went up, not down. I think what happened is that narrowing the road makes it more pleasant for people to walk around. You need people to walk, stop and go into the shops. Cars passing by at 40mph is not doing anything for business.