Winter is over

It is warmer in Tahoe today than San Francisco. This is the transition period to when we are warmer than SF until late September.

Are the tourists gone yet?

Easter Weekend. Packed. They will leave after the lifts close in two weeks. Back Memorial Day. Summer season starts 6/15-9/15. Pretty dead from then till Thanksgiving. But mountain biking and hiking have brought a lot more tourists in the off season than say 20 years ago.
Now Tahoe is a year round resort. Busiest month is July.

I hope is isn’t quite over here. There hasn’t been nearly enough rain or snow. Warm here today too; 75 at 6000 ft.

We are praying for spring rains. Snow pack at 60%. The drought police are already salivating about taking away our rights.
The gloom and doomers are happy. Too bad they didn’t design our water storage capacity to operate in 50% snowfall years. Mo dams

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