Woman Brought to US as Nanny Treated Like Slave

A Minnesota woman is charged with beating and starving a woman she brought from China to work as a nanny, holding her in a state of “slavery or indentured servitude,” a prosecutor said.

Lili Huang, 35, of Woodbury is charged in Washington County with five felony counts, including labor trafficking, false imprisonment and assault. Huang remains in jail after making her initial court appearance Friday, the Star Tribune reported.
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The 58-year-old woman, who is not named in the complaint, arrived in the U.S. on a visa in late March. According to the complaint, the nanny was forced to work up to 18 hours a day doing child care, cooking and cleaning. Police calculate her pay at about $1.80 an hour, but she apparently did not receive any of it.

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A bag hidden under the nanny’s mattress contained a large amount of her hair, which Huang allegedly ripped from the woman’s head. The nanny had been hiding it so Huang wouldn’t find it “and force her to eat it,” the complaint said.

Put that monster woman in prison for life!!

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This isn’t the only story like this unfortunately.

Man, that is pretty bad. I don’t know about you other folks of same or different ethnicity, but I do TAKE IT PERSONALLY when I read/hear of chinese folks behaving badly in one form or another. It is disgraceful. And you wonder why people reinforce stereotypes or throw that sh*t in our faces all the time.

God! I know cases of people I know who have had family living as nannies. From 7 AM to 10 PM, 8 hours.
That’s nothing! :innocent:

I used to stand at a corner in Port Chester, and prior to that in Los Angeles, I would be picked up to go working my arse off, only to be dropped at the same location, and while I was collecting my stuff the guy would take off. :joy:

Oh, this guy, picks my up in Port Chester, drives me miles away. Put me to work for a week demolishing this entire warehouse in Mount Vernon NY, I don’t know if asbestos present, I am still alive, not coughing at all. After a week of jackhammering pavement and taking down walls…he paid me with a check. Which bounced at the bank. $400 in 1990 was a lot, you know that. I found his address, I asked him to pay me cash, and instead of apologizing or giving me something, he told me of the boo boo immigration department, which kept me silent and shaking for many days.

Thanks God I wasn’t who I am today, his car mysteriously would have been vandalized, or his dog kidnapped. :smiling_imp:


There are truly some bad people out there who take advantage of others. One thing I do subscribe to is that people who do things like that usually get their punishment in some shape or form later. I am sure we all know or had personal experiences like that where the “perpetrator” gets his/her payback later. No one is immune. Which is why as a landlord I do my very best to treat my tenants not only fairly but probably better than I really need to. I usually do not charge top market rent and I don’t nickel and dime them for things. I try to put myself in their shoes and think how would I like that or react to that. My wife of course wants every red cent but she ain’t dealing with the tenants and the turnover ok?

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I used to rent a house and my landlady was an angel.
The rent was much lower than market price to begin with and in spite of skyrocketing rental market, she only increased $100 once during 5 years. Even with that increase, she explained to me that she needed to increase the rent due to the rise in other maintenance cost(Gardener etc) and asked me if it is OK with me. My answer was obviously “Of course!”.
To show our gratitude, we were super careful not to make any damage to the house and to keep it clean and the next tenant (my friend’s family) was able to happily move in 3 days after we moved out with very minimal fix.
However, I am not sure I can be that nice if I ever become a landlady, honestly. :slight_smile:
I am still grateful to her.
I am sure your tenant feel the same way.

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You’re a buddhist?

For residential property, tenants are some1 who pay you for taking care of your place. So no need to charge market rate if the tenants are good care taker. Can’t recall who in this forum suggest discount 5% for good tenants.

Why do you say that? It is all about each party being fair to the other party. Some owners adhere to the idea of lower market rent so that they can have a more predictable and consistent cash flow. Of course, who doesn’t want more money especially if costs really did go up, but keep in mind that when you have turnover that is down time and could end up meaning more money to have to spend to make the place presentable for renting again. An owner does have to weigh that for himself or herself. And not all owners are full time owners. They have regular jobs too and they don’t have time to be constantly addressing turnover (at least I don’t).

sfdragonboy…you are a different breed of a landlord. One with heart is hard to find nowadays. :wink:

I appreciate that, @buyinghouse!!! It certainly is a fine line and one decision made today may change tomorrow…

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That’s illegal if they’re not getting paid overtime is what that is.

I have been tying to get my wife to import a slave nanny for me from her native Russia. …preferably one that looks like a tennis star…for some reason she is against the idea…lol


@buyinghouse Sorry to hear that.

@Roy321: Thanks!

Water over the bridge…:wink:

@Elt1: If you need a kid, you know where to find me…:innocent:

Seriously guys, I used to date a maid. I consider that job as any other job. She was the one that made my life miserable for about 7 years.
She lived in a house in the very Hamilton Ave. in Palo Alto. I used to sneak in every night when I could, lol…

I don’t think they abused her, just the fact is that when they had a party, she couldn’t take away to have her own fun. She used to get compensated by them allowing her to take off early next day. But still, you wonder, after 8 hours overtime, right?

I learned about kitchen design from my mom, her employers and friends.

When I was little she cleaned houses, did laundry and ironing. She spcialized in military laundering/ironing which had exacting requirements.

By middle school she had three cleaning clients that remodeled often and one of which as a home developer. I would go with her during the summer and listened to many conversations about kitchen designs. Later she consulted with the builder on all their kitchen designs and helped her friends. Every now again I was allowed to share my opinion. :slight_smile:

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