Woman returns from a trip to find another family living in her home

Katherine Lang arrived to her new Beaufort home Sunday to find someone else’s clothes churning in the washing machine and her dishes stored away.

Dogs and a cat roamed Lang’s home, and two women were talking inside. A couch rested on the back porch.

Another family was moving in.

“I said ‘What are you doing in my house?’” Lang said. “It became clear to me what happened.”

The would-be tenants had been scammed.

What impressed was how cheap the rent was. $850m
Even a Walmart employee could afford it.

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Eit :frowning:

I almost fell for that trap once.

Nice $1K-$1200 a month house in Campbell caught my attention on Craiglist. After lots of thoughts and thinking, not my forte :laughing: I kind of got the idea, the chauffer thing caught my attention, then I knew it was a Nigerian scam.

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It happened to a rental i had in Sacramento about 3 years ago. It was slow season and the unit wasn’t moving. The property manager came by to set up the unit for another showing and found someone moving in. The person had paid cash (and the amount wasn’t small, it was actually average rent) for 1st + security to some scammer. And the scammer even had the gall to tell her to make payments to my management firm for subsequent months. What I couldn’t believe was that the tenant was moving in to a unit where the front door lock was broken off and didn’t question why there was no key and no lock…


What’d you do with them? Did you let them stay?

We asked them to leave the very same day as we didn’t want them to establish tenancy. Also my property manager asked them to re-apply for the place and that we would accept them if they qualified. They didn’t. It was pretty unfortunate. I think they didn’t have credit history but obviously had some means of cash income (working under the table?) and got scammed…

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Smart. Good way to deal with it.