Women’s march cancelled due to overwhelmingly white

Eureka’s women’s march was cancelled due to lack of diversity

“This is hardly the first time that the Women’s March movement “has faced questions about its racial makeup and inclusiveness,” notes the Washington Post. There was lots of talk about race and whether minority women were taken into account int he run-up to the inaugural march in 2017. More recently, there has been controversy regarding its leadership and ties with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Amid the controversy, the Chicago chapter also canceled its planned march, citing the high cost of the event.”


Being politically correct is tiresome.

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Hmm, women’s march has an anti-semitism problem. Maybe Eureka women’s march was cancelled due to the anti-semitism controversy, not lack of minority women in Eureka.

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Jewish groups have been helping the minority groups. But women of color still hate Jewish people? I am concerned about the anti-semitism from the minority women.

If there is a crisis for Jews in USA, who will be the most reliable ally for the Jews?

Some Jewish women have announced on social media that they will not attend the mass protest in Washington on Jan. 19 being organized by the Women’s March group. Last month, Teresa Shook, a white woman from Hawaii who created the first Facebook page proposing a march, called for the group’s leaders, who include Ms. Mallory and Ms. Perez, to step down.