Wool carpets

Any feedback on merits / demerits of wool carpets over synthetic fibers like nylon?
Is wool much better because it is natural? Heard it may absorb harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and also retain shape of fibers better. BUT less stain resistant and less durable to wear/tear.

Any first hand feedback based on usage?

I found this with a quick google search. Does this resonate with you based on any personal experience with different types of carpets?

For rental or personal use? Just to throw it out there, on my next apartment turn-over I may go with some inexpensive (but hopefully durable) laminate flooring instead of using carpeting altogether.

personal use

For the price of wool you can have engineered hardwood…Much better for resale. .just throw a few carpets around for comfort

Bamboo floor is pretty inexpensive and I think it’s a better option than laminate floor. Also bamboo does not have those scary chemicals

I think bamboo is the best option for rental. Is it good for personal use?

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I believe we have a wool carpet from ikea. It sheds and I think we were allergic to it when I first brought it home. After a couple of carpet cleanings, it’s fine (I have my own carpet cleaner should a gallon of paint spill on my carpet again, or kid vomit, or anything else that require immediate cleanup). Entirely forgot that it was wool until you mentioned it.

My parents put wool carpets in their home. They are nice but if it was my home, I would have put engineered hardwood with a rug like Elt1 suggested. If you do get wool carpets, be careful when shampooing as they can shrink. Best to use a professional cleaning service.

Is engineered wood as toxic as laminated floor?

Come on, everthing is toxic to many peoples sensibility. .Depends on the glue…but most glue off gasses quickly…Really worried??? use real solid wood with a low VOC clear finish
Even bamboo is held together with glue…hrd to know if it has formaldehyde or not… BTW, your new car off gasses alot worse toxins

How about radioactive? Granite counter is radioactive :slight_smile:

Is quartz countertop radioactive as well? As is it true that Chinese Granite is radioactive while European is not?

I doubt it…Think about it all hard rock exudes radon…It comes from the ground…Lot more critcally important things to worry about than a bit of radon