Work to receive welfare?

Trump has reversed Obama’s order

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Clinton did this and at some point it became racist or cruel to require people on welfare to work, attend school, or volunteer. It’s an extremely positive move.

I would like to see some of my neighbors in that program.

I had big hopes for a girl in my hood. First kid to go to college from a long, big family, about 10 kids from same mother, then add cousins, nephews, etc. She recently graduated from high school. I really was happy for her.

Now, she is sitting there on the front of the house, pregnant. She will follow the pattern her parents have followed for many years. Section 8 is their benefactor.

By the way, seeing things that they do, they don’t have any other way to survive after many years on the free camp.

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Gosh, must be a great plan if buyinghouse is in agreement with marcus…


Oh boy!
I am against all sorts of support for people not helping themselves. Including corporations, I mean, Warren Buffet. :laughing:

The problem is that if we take a look at most of people on welfare, or government assistance, we’ll see that some of our dear landlords here benefit from that.

See? I am not easy to debate. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

There’s nothing wrong with landlords benefiting from government assistance. But I think everyone can agree that those on assistance should be those who really need it.

Well, I believe in integrity and standing for what you believe. How about those landlords who are berating the stupidvisors. They hate politicians, thus they hate government. Right?

Now, the harsh reality is that many Americans have been living under the conservative and democrat mantel. They are the ones who eventually are going to be hurt, or helped by this administration’s approach to food coupons and whatnot. Those who vote have the power to threaten their representatives to abandon any idea of taking them to the task of working if they want to be helped.

I hope it helps people to realize the more years they receive help, the more incompetent they turn to survive on this era of technology.

That’s a real leap of logic there. I’m pretty sure they mainly hate a small set of politicians in SF.


I would say to them, get into politics. Then they will see how the “system” will make them change colors.

There’s a system holding the reins on welfare, anything related to WIC, food coupons, etc. I am going to mention the Waltons, the Koch brothers because they are the only ones I can mention for unknowing how many there are, but they are in bed with politicians in Washington. They have tremendous interests on this help to continue.

The politicians know it, and they mumble jumble anything so they can start receiving the usual “handout” for the next elections. It is like that, and will be like that. Trust me.

At issue are proposed revisions to the “public charge rule,” which analyzes how likely an immigrant is to become dependent on government help. The U.S. already has a public charge rule in place, but a new Department of Homeland Security policy would expand the types of taxpayer-funded benefits that are used to determine if an immigrant is too dependent. If so, the immigrant can be ruled ineligible for a green card or to renew a temporary visa.

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Above policy feels like Mao’s one dot red poem.

I feel like immigrants are usually more diligent than natives. Trump had it the other way around. What a fool. Impeach him.

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From a budgetary point of view, it makes no sense to take in immigrants and then be giving them assistance unless they are refugees who cannot return home–we should want to take in those who can support themselves. Those who are citizens are our responsibility to take care of whether we like it or not.

From a humanitarian point of view, I do sympathize with the struggle of people trying to move here and then get themselves setup.

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The line to draw is not between budgetary and humanitarian POW. Is between citizenship/PR vs aliens. Without a proper line, the notion of nation cannot be upheld. Do we want to do away with the notion of a nation called USA?

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I saw this :slight_smile: Many countries have merit based immigration systems with points for scoring. I wish we’d go to that. I’d start by giving a green card to anyone with a STEM degree from a US university and offer them a path to citizenship.

It’s a discrimination against poor people and less skilled people :rofl:

All 45-50 year old engineers will be laid off, especially in software.

How about 50-65 year old engineers? Are they protected class?


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