Wow, 5000 Year History Of Interest Rates


Having grown up with high interest rates, it has been weird to adjust to the low rates of the last 20 years…Inflation was bad but deflation was worse…Trump might bring us out of the deflation spiral, after all he loves debt…Problem is , he doesn’t mind going bankrupt…Enjoy the ride, inflation is good for real estate, as long as you have a low fixed loan…

I’m waiting for trump to make capital gains only taxes on post inflation gains

You know me, @User4, I’m a dreamer…I am waiting for The Donald to abolish rent control!!!

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Good luck trying to implement that in sanctuary cities…liberals will fight to death.

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It’s doable, just appoint a few Supreme Court judges and it’ll be done. But the problem is that rent control cities did not vote for Trump, why should he have rent control or its abolition as a priority? He does live in a rent control city, but his own city keeps protesting in front of his home.

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If every landlord writes a letter to Trump and requesting abolition of rent control, do you think he might consider to tweet about rent control abolition?

How about every landlord replying to his tweet on the same day with the same rent control message? We can make rent control topic flooding Trump’s tweet and make it a national headline. Wow!

With all the planets lining up (Prez, House and Senate) and potentially a few new conservative judges maybe it could happen. And he can easily cite all of the economists who say that rent control is bad.

Rent control needs to be solved by the Supreme Court. President and congress can not do much. According to Constition, long term rent control is unconstitutional, we need a few good judges.

In the past, some bad judges allowed rent control for emergency situations. But the tenant mob and their shameless politicians use that ruling to force a long term rent control on the landlords, it’s a mob attacking a minority class. We need the Constitution for our constitutional protection.

They also use zoning and other regulations to create housing shortage and make everyone be fully controlled by those dirty lifetime politicians.

Trump mainly owns hotels…no rent control…Probably not a priority for him…Just like liberals think he will do evil, conservatives dream of their own agenda…Most likely he will disappoint everyone…Right now he is a blank slate so everyone is putting own agenda forward…Wait till he is ground down by the bureaucrats and congress.


In his college years, Trump bought a 1000 unit apartment complex in Ohio because Ohio has no rent control. He’s familiar with NYC rent control.

But landlord is such a small minority, there’s no political impact. As an insignificant minority, landlord’s only hope is the Constitution. We have to make sure that bad communist judges be ousted from Supreme Court.

If Supreme Court is lost to bad people, all the small minority will be slaughtered. Politicians only serve big voting blocs.

Trump could get to appoint 4 judges…That would be huuuuuuge

No, elon musk will replace the older justices with replicons to prevent Trump takeover

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California is now officially a Democrat super majority. Will the Democrats start slaughtering of landlords?

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Eat the Rich…Landlords are one of the few groups left that have no PC protection.

Eddie Murphy on SNl…20 years ago—

Dark and lonely on the summer night.
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
Watchdog barking - Do he bite?
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
Slip in his window,
Break his neck!
Then his house
I start to wreck!
Got no reason –
What the heck!
Kill my landlord, kill my landlord.
C-I-L-L …
My land - lord …

Starting with the ones owning multi-family.

Stop saying rent control laws are unconstitutional. They are not. Supreme Court had a chance to take on rent control back in 2012. They let the case slide. If you remember the court had conservative majority in 2012. Heck, it’s only in 2016 it has an even 4-4 split.

The Court of Appeals added that the couple retained important rights under the regulations: they could in some circumstances reclaim the apartments for their own use; they could demolish the building so long as they did not replace it with housing; and they could “evict an unsatisfactory tenant.”

All of that meant, the panel said, that the city’s regulations did not amount to “permanent physical occupation of the Harmons’ property” and so did not run foul of the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment, which says private property shall not “be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

So as long as owners can take the building out of the market it’s not against the 5th Amendment in the court’s eyes. It’s restricting how one exercises their property rights, but restricting is not the same as wholesale striping it away.

Interest rate will go up

Interest rates were high in the good old days when life expectancy was 25

Now people live longer and work for many years, should interest rate go down?