Wow, Los Altos Hills Is The Prom Queen

Wow, the best of the best (according to Niche anyway). The Michael Jordan of areas in the Bay Area is saying a lot!!!

Los Altos is very nice indeed. However, one issue is lack of sidewalk. We were a family with baby/toddler and we went out for walks often. So Los Altos was not a good match for us at that time.

Now, the kid is older and kid doesn’t want to walk anywhere. So we drive everywhere. And no sidewalk doesn’t matter.

Not sure if it was corrected, but Los Altos is mentioned as #1 and #23 (looks like Noe Valley according to signage in window). Now what is the real difference between Los Altos and Los Altos Hills? Is the pricing that much different (higher for Hills)?


Los Altos has a downtown with decent restaurants (though closes before sun goes down), borders 82/El Camino with Whole Foods. LAH has none of that.

Kinda like Hillsborough vs Burlingame. Saratoga vs Los Gatos? Marina vs Pac Heights?

Thanks! There’s definitely a difference when you add the “Hills” to the name…

"1. Los Altos Hills

Overall Niche Grade: A+

Nightlife: B+
Diversity: A-"

LAH has night life? Like coyotes & owls chasing rats?

And I question the diversity too.

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LAH diversity - I assume this is demographic diversity, or at least ethnic diversity. For full diversity you would need a full range of household incomes. Probably not the case.

Ethnic diversity_ Per wikipedia:

“The racial makeup of Los Altos Hills was 5,417 (68.4%) White, 37 (0.5%) African American, 4 (0.1%) Native American, 2,109 (26.6%) Asian, 8 (0.1%) Pacific Islander, 50 (0.6%) from other races, and 297 (3.7%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 213 persons (2.7%).”

So, 68% white and 27% Asian… that’s 95%.

And that’s considered A-

I wonder what would a “D” neighborhood look like?
100% of 1 single race?

As I often say, Asian is alt-white.

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Frankly, the whole “study” is suspect. Holes all around, like the ethnic diversity scoring or the nightlife scoring. Most of these high scoring places supposedly have high nightlife scoring, Yeah, if dead silence and nothing to do is tops.

What? The Prom Queen lost a little luster??? Also, application of the good old Chinese pricing strategy not working too??? Ok, 68M is good too…(unless you the seller who has to take a 20M haircut…)

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