YIMBY movement is gaining momentum

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Legislation means nothing, unless they fire every bureaucrat, gut the regulations and get rid of the we are doing you a favor attitude and realize they need us builders more than we need them.
I have the ability to build but the time required to get approvals , the restrictions the union requirements the interest rates the time to get approvals means only 10% the needed housing will get built in the next few years. I have been waiting to get a 500sf garage approved on a very large property for 4 months in Eldorado County. It will probably take a year because the bureaucracy asks for one request at a time … meaning each department delays approval for one month at a time… it’s ridiculous. 40 years ago this garage would have been approved over the counter.
In 1980 we got approval to build a 280,000 sf office building now owned by Oracle in 6 weeks… the problem is today the bureaucracy thinks it’s normal to delay projects for years and burden it with BMR s, environmental restrictions like only being allowed to break ground in the dry season, union labor…
The progressives are so stupid they need to become homeless to figure out their strategy is a disaster…

What thes idiots don’t get us there is no such thing as affordable housing. The codes are the same for everyone. Materials and labor cost are in the stratosphere. Engineers over design to the max… … everyone in the construction process is looking over their shoulder for potential lawsuits… there is absolutely no incentive to value engineer and build cheaper… the only subsidy that makes sens is subsidies for renters like Section 8 and let builders build all the market housing they can… won’t happen because the commies in Sacramento can’t stand capitalism… they think building industry should be a charity… voodoo politics…

This is a sign that voters should fire the entire legislature. There’s no such thing as new construction that’s affordable. It doesn’t fix that $700/sq ft construction will never be affordable.

15-minute city’: One of S.F.’s biggest developments finally set to break ground


Why S.F. NIMBYs are about to lose all their power to stop new housing **
**A new bill from state Sen. Scott Wiener is going to kill obstructionism over housing once and for all.


This new bill is a game changer! Let’s build Goddamnit!


“California desperately needs to ramp up housing production, and the Governor’s actions today help put us on a path to achieve that goal,” Wiener said in a statement. “The era of saying no to housing is coming to an end. We’ve been planting seeds for years to get California to a brighter housing future, and today we’re continuing strongly down that path.”

Where do churches find money to build housing?


in areas with lots housing supply, rents for mid-market apartments go down the most, even if it’s high-end apartments that are mostly getting built. The reason is that when you build fancy luxury apartments, a lot of people from the mid-market move to those nicer, newer apartments, leaving a glut of supply that pushes rent down.



good question. I don’t know, but I’m guessing donors, taking out mortgages, or private foundations that are looking to support the building low-income housing. For the latter, it’s cost-effective as most churches own their land.

California has a new middle-income housing law. Will it work in San Diego?


“ It’s unclear until the law takes effect in January if developers will go for it. There have been a number of well-meaning housing bills in the Golden State in the past decade that sought to spur residential development but fell short or were virtually ignored.”

Exactly. There’s no reason to expect a change. They don’t address the root cause, but they give politicians the ability to claim they are doing something then blame greedy developers for the problem.

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YIMBY won big in Cupertino.

With the settlement, Cupertino has agreed to honor the “Builder’s Remedy” for affordable housing projects that filed applications with the City after it failed to meet last January’s deadline. The judgment also commits Cupertino to revise its housing plan in accordance with the state’s Housing Element Law.

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wont they delay this through the permitting process, etc? lots of way to delay…

If cities played dirty tricks they will get sued and lost in court.