You an Investor? Nahh! Can't buy this property

Tell me when you are ready, I will paint a room for you, for free…:sweat_smile:

Oh…come on guys!

I thought you guys were the real deal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will double my offer. 2 rooms!

What are the up-and-coming areas in ESJ?

Areas between White and Toyon, probably North of McKee Rd. I saw more then a few on sale and some ready to come out into the market. I can see old homes in need of flipping if you have the time and $.

I meant North of McKee.

Why do you like that area? It’s improving a lot recently?

Lots of old homes, room for flipping and the proximity to “Milpitas”. It’s close to the mountains, and it is not as crowded as other areas.