You are hiring illegals, aren't you Mr. President?


No problem!

Thanks for being so cool. My apologies for being belligerent. But I am passionate about my love for people suffering discrimination.

I take you are Chinese? Right?

I have a death wish. Travel to China, and walk on the great wall.

And visiting India to see the Taj Mahal. I hope I pronounced right.


Are you talking to me or someone else?

I’m an American. As is everyone else on this forum who is a citizen - we are all Americans.
We all have different ethnic roots which we are all justifiably proud of - but all Americans want their country to grow and thrive. If we can find a way to express our thoughts without demonizing, without accusing, and without moralizing, I think that would be a good first step to restoring faith in public discourse.

Enjoy your holiday season. :+1:



Sorry, I forgot my old saying, either you are Chinese or American.

Same wishes to you.

Enjoy your family!


A fictitious scenario:

Trump says openly that he doesn’t hire thieves. One day a person comes out and tells everyone that he had committee theft for 20 years, had others help him rob more, and he is employed by Trump.

Would you be making that person a hero and talking about his guts to come out openly and challenge the POTUS? There is something seriously wrong with people who are doing this.


There are whistle blowers everywhere. They come out clean and denouncing illegal schemes, corruption, discrimination, you name the thing, and they usually are heroes, with some exceptions. They have more guts than ordinary people supporting the other people committing crimes or illegal stuff.


Let’s play this one. You are the CEO, the boss of a company, and you repeat year after year your contempt for hiring illegals. But, you have known for hiring them, and approved them working with contractors yo hire. It is visible for smart people to see them working in your construction sites. The command of the English language is a tell tale.

So, after all the crying, backstabbing on them, you become the champion of anti-illegal immigration. Well, let’s forward the clock many years, you become the CEO of this country.

You are the boss of the department of justice aka DOJ. You demonize illegal immigrants as you haven’t done in the past. You then, hire and fire people working for the DHS and the DOJ in charge of the E-Verify program, the program that detects people not authorized to work in this country. You call Muslim immigrants, any immigrant coming through the border as animals or criminals. You tell Americans be afraid, they have “problems”, they are criminals, and they are taking jobs from, and kill Americans.

Ironically enough, we the people find out that, one or two of your maids, yes, the persons making your bed, and washing your clothing when you come to your hotel or your golf course is an illegal person from Central America. You have tipped one of them all the time, and treated fairly before you became a candidate for a party “against illegal immigration”. Once you win the nomination for that party, you start to call her, or allowed her to be called names, racist, humiliating names. The poor lady can’t understand, she has washed your clothing, she had done your bed, and all the sudden you, as a reward, treat her or allow her to be treated like you treat American women, like pigs and dogs.

See? Yes, there’s something serious about having an illegal person being in the presence of the president of the US. Had she been a terrorist, a member of a sleeping cell, my goodness! Only a dumb person wouldn’t realize the magnitude or gravity of anyone putting the US in a path to disaster by the president being assassinated by………a maid!

Had ISIS being smart, there was not a better opportunity than this one. They could have trained her to finish off the presidency of a racist, non-Christian=infidel, wife cheater, and vulgar person ever in the history of the US presidency.

A terrorist maid working there, by the ineptitud of the same president not forcing E-Verify on his own enterprise. And that verification wasn’t done, ever!

See the irony now?

Preaching but never converting.