You are hiring illegals, aren't you Mr. President?

Shall we arrest the owner of that working place? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

.## Undocumented workers speak out

Victorina Morales, the undocumented Guatemalan immigrant who works at Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf club, provides a host of details that suggest managers there knew she was not authorized to live in the country and employed her anyway.

The housekeeper, who entered the country illegally almost 20 years ago, was hired at the club in 2013, she told the New York Times in an interview. She said an employee of the course drives her and a group of others to work every day because it is known they can’t get driver’s licenses because of their immigration status.

When she was hired, Morales said she told a supervisor she didn’t have “good papers.” The manager said she should bring the documents she used at a previous job, and she brought a fake green card and social security card.

Last year, a supervisor told her she had to get a new social security and green card since there were problems with the one she had on file. According to Morales, she said she didn’t know where to get the documents, and the manager referred her to a maintenance worker who took her to get a new set of forged papers.

Another worker, Sandra Diaz, told the Times she was undocumented while working at the club for several years. She has since left the job and gained legal status.

Diaz was assigned to clean Trump’s personal residence at the Bedminster club, where she washed Trump’s clothes. She recalled he had an outburst over orange stains on the collar of a white golf shirt, which she said were stains from his makeup that she was unable to get out.

Morales said she knew she could lose her job or get deported for speaking out, but chose to come forward because she was upset by Trump’s disparaging comments about immigrants and abusive treatment by a supervisor that she felt was encouraged by Trump’s rhetoric.

“I ask myself, is it possible that this señor thinks we have papers? He knows we don’t speak English,” she said. “Why wouldn’t he figure it out?”


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Where is my boy Marcus? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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So if a company hires an illegal then we should arrest the CEO even if they had no involvement in the hiring decision? I’m pretty sure the CEO of every fortune 500 company would be in prison.

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Pay attention kid, pay attention, don’t become a lackey. (yes, go ahead, take it down)

Two years ago, when Donald Trump was running for president, he proudly declared that he employed no undocumented immigrants in the construction of his grand Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

That doesn’t appear to be true for some of his other properties.

When Victorina Morales went to work in 2013 as a housekeeper at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, “I told them that I don’t have papers, I don’t speak English and that I was an immigrant,” she told NBC News on Thursday in an interview.

“They said, ‘No, it doesn’t matter,’” she said.

So is he a racist that hates Hispanics or a guy that gives them jobs and an opportunity in America? He can’t be both.

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So an illegal immigrant who has already broken the law, says something, and we believe her. And go on to do what. Demand an impeachment of the president?

This is some level of desperation.


Are you dumb or pretend to be one?
Did you read what happened to this lady?

She used to wash this racist guy’s clothing!

A “criminal” washing the personal clothing of a racist president!

Was she vetted as they vetted Manafort and Flynn? Anybody here not seeing the stupidity of this?

She was tipped in the past by this racist president. He used her as he used the “Polish Brigade” in the 80’s. Until they are not useful. Ain’t that a beach?

She says they knew of her illegal situation because they knew she couldn’t speak English and they did help her to change her fake papers twice. This is the organization that ought, should and had to be aware of E-VERIFY.

He was “nice” at her since 2013, but everything changed as soon as he became a candidate. He started to call all of them workers stupid because of their looks and knowledge that they were illegal.

And lastly ignorant boy, there’s this thing called E-VERIFY!

Isn’t that something? The idiot calling for Americans to not hire illegals couldn’t use E-VERIFY?

A liar is a liar, he ain’t a character witness in a court of law.

So, on the other topic, some brain dead guy calls for the deportation of illegals. On this topic, some brain dead guy is celebrating the commander in chief is hiring them.

Get me the F out of here! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Exhibition A:

Sometime between 1979 and 1980, Trump hired a contractor to demolish an old building in midtown Manhattan to make way for Trump Tower. The contractor signed on workers from a local union and, to meet Trump’s tight deadline, also brought on 200 undocumented laborers from Poland dubbed the “Polish Brigade.”

The Polish employees were off-the-books, working 12-hour shifts seven days a week for $4 to $5 an hour, with no overtime. Some workers were never paid what they were owed.

In 1983, union members sued a union boss, Trump and his contractor for cheating the union out of pension and welfare funds by hiring the Polish Brigade. Trump owed the union pension fund $1 million, the plaintiffs said.

Appearing in court in 1990, Trump blamed the violations on the contractor and denied knowing that the Polish workers were undocumented.

“Nobody’s proven to me that they were were illegal,” Trump said, according to a Newsday report from the time.

Nonetheless, Manhattan Judge Charles Stewart ruled against Trump a year later, saying that his representative “knew that the Polish workers were doing demolition work” and that his company participated in a “conspiracy” to cheat the union.

Trump owed the workers a little more than $325,000 plus interest and attorney’s fees and costs, Stewart ruled.

That wasn’t the end of it. Trump appealed and it would drag on for another decade.

In 1998, several members of the Polish Brigade told the New York Times about their horrid working conditions. But Trump repeated that he didn’t know about the legal status of the Polish Brigade and said he would not settle the case out of court “on principle,” according to the New York Times.

If the case was retried and Trump lost again, he would have had to pay about $4 million, the Times calculated.

A year later, Trump quietly settled, according to the New York Daily News , but the agreement was placed under seal.

But Trump repeated that he didn’t know about the legal status of the Polish Brigade and said he would not settle the case out of court “on principle,” according to the New York Times. <—:laughing::laughing:

A year later, Trump quietly settled, according to the New York Daily News , but the agreement was placed under seal. <-------:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

He’s an actor who tells people what they want to hear. He’s neither racist nor misogynist nor anti-LGBT if you look at his hiring history.


He is as capitalistic as any1 here :laughing:

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I am not sure about that. Even a serial murderer won’t kill his kids. You can’t conclude therefore he’s a loving person.

Especially in hiring, that’s inherently an upper-lower relationship. The one who does the hiring has more money and is more powerful. I bet many employers look down on their employees making minimum wages.


Hiya M335. I think Trump is a guy that is happy to have brown people and women do well in the USA - as long as they know their place - which is that in the social hierarchy, white men are above white women, and white women are above brown people.

Spare me the hypocrisy.

The clue here is E-Verify.

The so called thingy all “patriot Americans” hating illegal immigrants ought to be using.

Twhitler knew about his lady washing his undies. He knew and changed his demeanor towards them as soon as he was the candidate for the GOP.

Do you know what the stance of the GOP is? They are against illegal immigration but hiring illegals.

Hypocrisy 101.

This woman, has more guts than the 4 times draft dodger residing in the white house.

A woman confronting the most racist president ever?

Wow! I admire her, I will be burning candles on her honor.

Some guts. Arrive illegally, live illegally, let others do illegal things for her, and claim higher morals at the end.

But it looks like a tactic to delay her asylum hearing on Dec 17. Liberals need to get better champions.


Talking about social injustice? The laws maintained a certain hierarchy of labor structure. Is pretty subtle :slight_smile: I see you are thinking deeper now or you have been reading social science?

I am always a deep thinker. Good to see you finally appreacite it. :smile:

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Yes, everything is told. She came and worked illegally, all under the eyes of the same president. She washed his undies, and made his bed. She told her supervisors about her illegal status and they said they didn’t care. They even helped her to renew her fake documents. The same organization this president was in charge at that time. Some responsibility is being denied to the people in fault, the ones not using E-Verify. The same people accusing, threatening, insulting, berating the use of illegal immigrants. :scream:

Delaying a court hearing is a legal maneuver, both detrimental or beneficial to somebody’s case. Things may change in between for the better or for the worse. You may be lucky to get a more favorable law in place. Anybody there knowing his life is at risk will do the same.

I used to beach about my asylum case being delayed for 13 years. At the end of 2005, my case was denied, I was sent to removal proceedings. Almost 3 years went by, our cases were delayed by the system, and being there as an asylum applicant soon to be deported, a Chaly-Garcia case came to give me a status that allowed me to become a legal permanent resident. I got a new interview with the asylum office, and they accepted me as a NACARA member under ABC program. As happy as I was, I was told that I needed to go to the court hearing scheduled 3 months down the road to get my green card. They couldn’t give it to me right there. There’s an independence between the asylum office and the court system. They deny or give the approval, the other one judges and deports immigrants.

A week later, my lawyer tells me that my wife doesn’t have 7 years of continuous living in the US, she may get deported. We devise a strategy to delay the court hearing for a year. Nothing works, there’s nothing we can do legally. We wait for the court hearing in March.

At the end of January, a letter comes delaying our next court hearing for another year or more. We didn’t expect that, the judge in charge of the hearing had retired and our case was adjoined to another one who had a bunch of them on her schedule. We waited that year, and on December of 2009 she complies with the 7 years threshold. We got our court hearing on Dec. 2010. We became legal permanent residents of the US. And proud naturalized citizens in 2016.

If this country had anything against me, they missed their chance while they were checking my entire background for almost 27 years living in this country.

I can show you my record, all redacted, or as they say blacked out, like Flynn’s court papers. There are names, circumstances that need to be hidden for national security reasons. The names of certain “agents” I used to pal around are there, redacted, only I can disclose them because I have files of such event.

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Thanks for sharing a bit of your personal history. I learned something today. I always find it useful to try see things from others’ point of view.

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