You Gotta Love BART



Sorry, @caiguycaiguy, if you drive to your BART station expect to pay more for, get this, demand based parking. Uh hello, there is always high demand M-THU at least in the morning, so this is just another money grab.

Gee, BART, what about giving a discount to multi passengered cars that end up parking in your lot? So, if a car is fully loaded with 4 riders, come on they should get a discount on the parking since that could have been 4 separate cars. And besides, they all are paying individual ride fees already. Yes, this might mean you need an attendant at the parking entrance but so what? Get that lazy janitor out of his sleeping room…

And of course, my escalator at the Embarcadero Station stopped again after finally coming online…


I’m shocked a world class city can’t fix an escalator. :slight_smile:


this is the new running joke, right @sfdragonboy?


Which, the escalator or @marcus335’s claim that San Jose will surpass SF in world recognition in a matter of months?


world class city being incapable of {put something ridiculous here}


Yes, Mr. Sleepless In Seattle aka NRA Poster Boy likes to remind me of the failings of my world class city, the Fab 7x7…


Seattle is still bush league. And will be forever soggy.


Wow, the first shot across the bow…




Make them pay enough to fix my escalator!!!



What happened? Did Mr. BART Janitor fall asleep at the wheel???


Dang, RIP…


Was that your escalator in San Francisco?


@sfdragonboy is a Embarcadero man. I use Montgomery. I was actually at the station at 9 something last night…

Sorry for the lady and her family.


This sucks big time. I mean, it could have been you or me, ending a long day, and you fall and perhaps hit your head and boom goner…



Hey, BART, maybe you should send your janitor and other “hard working” employees to their HQ to learn a thing or four…


Hey @caiguycaiguy, rate increase for special yellow seat covers???