You Gotta Love BART

I guess the urine and human waste act as lubricants to actually help the escalators run smoother???


Saw the story last night on the news. Pathetic. Dude is making us Asians look bad again. (SMH)

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Is selected reporting on a certain race one kind of racism? Why do they single out 1 employee when thousands of these cases exist? This is widespread issue at all government departments, why should a janitor be singled out? Is there any privacy violation?

The journalist can easily look through the government database and select the top 1000 earners. Many government employees make over $1 million a year, why focus on a janitor? Is this a discrimination against janitorial emoloyees?

This janitor can hire a lawyer to sue the media for discriminations and privacy invasion.

I don’t actually blame this particular janitor. He’s just using the system to his advantage… It’s a systemic issue like you said that reaches all level of government.

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(from the other thread)

You know, I take the metro Muni every day to and from work and so I see the goings on with the BART side. Too often, BART policemen are chit chating while some homeless guys are sleeping right nearby. Too often, I see fare evaders slip through the side door without paying. Too often the escalator is not working supposed due to people walking up the escalators and not from the human waste that is probably deposited on there by the homeless. Let’s not even talk about what happens when BART has a strike oh every few years and shuts down the entire Bay Area. Ridiculous. Keep in mind I don’t use the system, but surely a lot of folks here do. To pay well over $10 a day to commute when you know the system is not as efficiently run as it can be would piss me off too.

Seems you have to run for BART director. Make us proud.

Let me try to get on the SF Board of Supervisors first…:grin: We need someone like Trump on there…

That janitor is using the same scheme as Trump. Talking too much in that back room but delivering nothing. Same corruption, even the big shots acted as if that was normal. Oh boy…our taxes being dumped.
With that money earned, pretty soon he will be a landlord, if he is not yet.
He is a conservative in the make after he was a liberal “hard working guy”

But I think, we all go through that process in our lives. Well, most of us anyway, I think, maybe?

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I guarantee he is one of us… you can’t have an Asian guy making good money without owning some property unless he is a gambler, which is also typical of Asians…

Banks probably won’t use the overtime pay for mortgage, probably he won’t be able to qualify for a SF mortgage.

He’s been doing this for a number of years, so can almost go all cash buy. No condo though…he’s smart :slight_smile:

Montgomery to Bay Fair 5 or 6 days a week for me. Maybe I should get phone insurance? :worried:


wow that’s very worrying.

Sorry, but in a sick way Fab 7x7 property just went up in value again when sheet like this happens…

Planned and organized by an adult? So efficiently carried out.

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Some of the suspects, officials said, were recognizable to BART police from prior incidents.

See, that’s the problem. These criminals, probably young, will get a light slap on the wrist and will be back on the streets quickly. We are just not tough on crime anymore!!! Police are lazy and judges are too lenient and perhaps concerned about the overcrowded prisons as it is but that is no excuse to not punish criminals to the full extent of the law. @hanera, I would agree with you that Singapore rocks in this regard.

Yeah, but CA voted to decriminalize a bunch of stuff and reduce sentences. They don’t need jail time. They just need hugs.

Yeah, like a nice hug with a gurney as they receive a sweet cocktail of lethal drugs into their arms…