You Win The Lottery, Which One You Write An Offer On?

Although I am biased towards SF, those Atherton homes are velly, velly niiiice…

I like the one at Orinda better. Those Atherton houses are so tacky… No wonder Zuck passed it.

The homes in Atherton are all very different. If you think some are tacky, there are still others that you will like. Atherton has almost every style available except the “shove them in like sardines” townhouse style. No Greek parthenons either though. But you could build it.

For me, definitely Atherton or areas bordering it. But not the new “green” box shaped houses. Don’t like those at all. I do like the English estate style, but there’s also the “In the woods cabin” style. And then the “we’re just regular people style”:

Yeah, that Atherton is a nice one, albeit could use a tad of updating. A pool there makes much more sense than in Bernal Heights!

If I won lotto probably wouldnt buy any…Maybe a penthouse in SF, a Tahoe Lakehouse, a North Shore Hawaiian beach house…and a G5 jet to fly between them…lol

BTW, The mist expensive listing 331Greer is a joke…Started out at $80m…Zillow says its worth less than $15m…basically a teardown with lots of unusable land…

But, but, but, can I BBQ lamb in the front yard?

Inquiring Greeks want to know!

Yes. Yes you can.