Young Menlo Park couple could face fines of $500 per day for living in driveway RV

Years back, my next door neighbor’s father passed away on an RV trip to Arizona with his wife. Nextdoor neighbor flew out to AZ to retrieve mom and RV.

His mom lived in small trailer in neighbor’s driveway for more than a year.

Fine in City of Antioch can be $1,000/day. Only, nobody ever reported him so, no notices issued.

That’s what I hate about city code enforcement being “complaint driven”. If you have neighbors who don’t care and don’t report, then no problem. But, if you have even one neighbor that doesn’t like you and reports it, notices and fines issued within thirty days.

As much as I despise many city ordinances like this, they need to be applied to all or removed from the books.

Be happy that your city at least enforces. Time is not to far away when these complaints will not even be enforced to allow affordable housing.

But seriously what’s the problem with RV on other people’s driveway?

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This is a good question for those who passed this ordinance.

It is all about parking. If the RV is in the driveway their cars are on the street. Menlo Park has an ordinance not allowing street parking at night. A tough town full of nimbyies.
Most cities do not allow RVs in driveways.

Someone needs to go to Supreme Court with this. It’s an infringement of property rights.

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covenant, conditions and restrictions (cc&r) as will as zoning laws control how a real estate can can be used. . I would prefer rent control laws to be challenged under the property rights.

Progressives and liberals control the state and have no interest in property rights. We have a coalition actively seeking Newsoms recall. The left has made it clear that eliminating prop 13, rent control and high taxes will be used to take everything from productive people and give it to the welfare class.

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One small rv doesn’t seem unreasonable but I would want to know the size of the lot and the layout because supposing it is a small lot and the couple are typical young people who probably have hot rods and park them in front of neighbors’ homes, idling them, sounding the horn often and in unison with the latest pop hit like “Te Boté”, littering street with Popeye’s Chicken sandwich wrappers, Wienerschnitzel chili cheese dogs and Peet’s coffee cups, hosting schwingah :convenience_store: parties, neighbors may balk. They sound like party animals from my read on the article, not humble travelers. Speaking of travelers, in this time of holiday cheer let’s all offer a smile, a handshake and a happy dollar or whatever we can spare to those in need on the cold streets? :tiger: