Youtube Shooting

I live in san bruno, and have location set in facebook and i don’t see that feature, but my wife’s facebook has 0 information about her and she has that feature to mark herself safe hahaha


I just saw someone marking herself as safe and she lives in Oakland. Yes I guess if you are in Oakland you need to mark you are safe everyday.


I am in mtv, and i am safe…
my wife used to work in that building until recently. I had a moment of thought of what if she still did. gave my wife a hug when i saw her.


Glad you and your wife are safe @tomato. I haven’t marked myself as safe yet because I’m still in danger here in DC. Oh the horror…

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YouTube can be a target again due to the nature of its work. It’s safer to work for Amazon. None would be pissed enough by Amazon merchandise to shoot Amazon employees.

Media companies are dangerous places to work.

Jumping to conclusions?


Just a theory. Many crazy videos and crazy personality on YouTube.

I sometimes have the same impression, that it is a defense mechanism to deal with fear. And since we are a just a little off-topic already, there is actually scientific research that shows variances in brain structure (MRI scans) in self-described conservatives vs. liberals. This is an older study but guess what?
Using MRI, scientists from University College London have found that students who identify themselves as conservatives have a larger amygdala than self-described liberals.(link is external) This brain structure is involved in emotion processing, and is especially reactive to fearful stimuli. It is possible that an oversized amygdala could create a heightened sensitivity that may cause one to habitually overreact to anything that appears to be a potential threat, whether it actually is one or not.

On the other hand, Liberalism was associated with the gray matter volume of anterior cingulate cortex image.

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I used to be conservative then I became a sort-of liberal. Wonder if my brain changed? :smile:


I’m in the middle, now i see everything is going way too liberal which is not a good thing
too conservative not good, too liberal not good either

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Haha, I believe so. It’s called “neuroplasticity.” :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, is this another case where the authorities dropped the ball from completely investigating? We could be reporting about a copycat Parkville massacre in San Bruno right about now.

Are you sure – remember the recent UPS shooting in SF!!!

It looks like local police dropped the ball and not he FBI. I swear, if I’m ever questioned by the FBI, I will have some questions for them.

if what @sfdragonboy posted is true, you might be right… oh dear.

That’s the trade off between type I vs type II errors. If people want every shooter to be stopped beforehand then we need to be prepared for many false arrests as well.

Do we want a minority report sort of society? I don’t.

Best answer is still gun control. Take the guns away and minimize damage done by bad actors.

Agreed, but as the brother just said on the news, the family even called the cops since they were concerned. To me, that warranted investigating by the cops instead of hanging out at the donut shop…

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I imagine many people call police with similar complaints and 99% of the time nothing happens. It’s only when one slipped through out of the 100 that makes the evening news.

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But what is the job of the police department but to check out each case that is submitted? Come on, the family even was concerned enough to call the cops. Think about that. Would you call the cops on a family member if you thought it was nothing? If I were a San Brunoan resident (one day down the road) I would want to know why the police did not check it out. Maybe they did and could only go so far since I guess she resided in So Cal. But to me, this is no different from your typical welfare check when a neighbor or a friend calls the police and says I have not see Jane/Jim in days and I am concerned. What do they do? They check it out.

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We need robotic policeman to follow this evil woman. When she’s bringing a gun to YouTube, robotic police would text the real police about it. When real police doesn’t respond, robotic police would taser the woman and confiscate her gun, then program her car to self drive to the jail.