Zillow vs. McMansion Hell

Zillow is dealing with a PR fiasco and a potential legal fight for going after a small, popular blog that makes fun of McMansions.

Kate Wagner — who spotlights large, ugly-looking houses on McMansionHell.com — received a cease-and-desist letter from the Seattle company this week, telling her to stop using Zillow photos on her site. She often makes memes out of Zillow home listing photos, pointing out features of home exteriors and rooms that are not exactly likely to win architecture awards.

“First of all, I was petrified,” said Wagner, a 23-year-old master’s student in Baltimore, who is working on a thesis on architectural acoustics. Zillow’s letter said Wagner ran afoul of Zillow’s terms of use and may violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and state laws. “It’s pretty terrifying when someone issues you a letter saying you’re a criminal and you’re going to jail.”

Zillow’s stock is doing pretty well of late…

Hard to find stocks that are not doing well, most of them are near ATHs.

But… it’s doing better than even the almighty Apple… :slight_smile: Well, so far in 2017 anyway.

Still for all its influence Zillow makes no profit. Where does all the money go?

Many stocks are doing better than AAPL this year. Where the money go? Asking an obvious question? How are founders and employees pay?