Zomes | Unique structure for ADU structures

I’m part of a really cool project that I’m dying to share.

The startup I work for has put together a really neat ADU type building that is fire proof, sustainable, healthy, comfortable, and actually really inexpensive all things considered.

It’s just too awesome to not share so I wanted to share it here.

Looks like total crap. No windows. Inefficient for furniture. Hard to heat.

Let me figure out how to post more photos.

Easy to heat and cool, continuous insulation on the exterior and high r value in the walls. Huge windows and skylight, lots of furniture options also.

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how much do they cost?

The base model starts at $64,000 including white glove installation and the filly loaded option with a kitchen, bathroom, loft, etc starts at $110,000 with white glove installation.

It looks cool, but I also question how dome structure is in the way of usable living space. Do you guys have link to the website?

What’s the sqft for this model?

3D printed?

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All structures require foundations and permits. This is phony crap. What about plumbing electrical HVAC. Kitchen and bathroom. No interior shots. Lots of lost room due to slopes. Driveway garage grading drainage. Let’s see pictures of one actually built. With special furniture to fit curved walls. Geodesic domes were crap. This is a new version. Double wide trailers are 5 times bigger for the same price.
Is there anyone in this firm that is an engineer contractor architect?

Who pays for assembly? Price/sf
Here is the real competition. Trailers 2019 Champion Mobile Home - Titan Factory Direct - Titan Factory Direct

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@Boolean The structure is 280 sqft inside without the loft and the loft adds another 180 sqft

@hanera These are fabricated using traditional timber framing and the external cladding is a bio ceramic mag ox “concrete” panel that we pour into molds we fabricate on our 5 axis cnc machine.

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@Elt1 We have several architects, engineers, contractors, etc on staff. Ill have photos here soon for you to take a look at.

You guys are frauds. 64k for 280 sf is a joke. Go work in the mobile home industry and learn the business.
That is your competition not garden sheds and yurts than nobody can live in.

If you were on Shark Tank I would kick you out of there

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$64,000 for 280 sqft is $228.57 per sqft fully installed for a structure that is fire proof, uses building science, healthy and sustainable materials, and not just slapped together. Have you done much research on other ADU options and what they cost per sqft?

Between the lumber, framing, Zip sheathing, Advantech subfloor materials alone are in the neighborhood of $20,000 and we havent even touched the panels and other details. Not sure how this thing is a rip off.

1260 sf for less money for a mobile home. You don’t know your competition … fatal flaw. Plus ADUs are a joke in CA … nobody wants one in their backyard.
Who on this forum wants tenants in their backyard. If you own a $2m plus house it is a nuisance not an asset. Plus not allowed without a permanent foundation. Plus an inefficient design on a rectangular lot. Throw this crap out and start over.
I am a builder engineer developer. I have owned ADUs and built them. In 2003 I stick built a 600sf one for $75k including the permit, floor and foundations. Probably would cost 3 times that today.
Is that your only prototype? Ever been in a mobile home factory or a production home site. You have huge learning curve ahead of you

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Seems like might work for “cabin style” rentals. Plop some of these in @Elt1 's backyard in Tahoe!


We need housing for our homeless bear population. These might work for them. But not for me. Geo domes are just plain stupid. Building rectangular boxes is easy and fast. Cutting all the lumber and siding into little pieces and then putting it back together in a complex pattern is defeating the main tenet and purpose of engineered construction… KISS… keep it simple and stupid. Your engineers don’t know squat about the construction business. And more importantly they are totally ignorant about development, building codes and lot lay out. These are only good for outbuildings on a farm. The only secret sauce you have is the exterior cladding. How does it measure up with the competition?

Find another forum full of techies and investors that are totally ignorant about American building and construction or you should hire me as a consultant… everyone on your staff is drinking the same koolaid. You need a reality checks