Zuckerberg rumored to pay $110,000 a year for Mandarin-speaking nanny

Rumors are currently running wild on Chinese social media that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is currently searching for a Mandarin-speaking nanny who will be extremely well compensated for her work.

The rumors are linked to a job recruitment notice on the website Indeed.com which has recently been circulating around the WeChat groups of Chinese living and working in Silicon Valley. That notice for a nanny includes all of the requirements that you might expect: at least three years of experience, a bachelor’s degree, a love for children and basic medical training. However, netizens have picked up on one detail that is a bit out of the ordinary – the nanny must be fluent in Mandarin.

According to the notice, the nanny will have to work five days straight (from 8am to 9pm) before getting five days off, and will be paid an annual salary of between $110,000 to $130,000 while receiving full health benefits similar to that of a Silicon Valley engineer.

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Shoot…my wife speaks 4 dialects and would be decent to look at. You’re hired!!!

Does the nanny need to be female??? If not I will give it a shot!!! :rofl:


Have her apply :slight_smile:

His wife would probably object…

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It seems you’ve objected first so she got no opportunity.

Actually wifey would object herself (despite being a FB user)…she makes more…

8am to 9pm M-F with the nanny. Makes me a little sad for the kids. Well, at least they are spending the weekends with the kids. I have seen nextdoor posts looking for weekend nannies so the parents can party in SF after they spent the week at work.

No worries there’s room and board I’m sure. Free living in the Zuckerberg mansion. What’s not to like??? :heart_eyes:

Not good. I know nannies working independently making more than that.

Yes, but they aren’t only nannies…:grinning:

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I want to apply as male nany

Sure, why not? But @wuqijun may have a lead on you since we know how much he needs the money…

I like to strangle and bitch-slap my competitions… :rofl:

Mark knows Cantonese is not the way to go. It was the predominant spoken language outside China. In America if you did not understand or speak Cantonese you were not part of the Gumshan people.
His wife has a lot problems to say words in Mandarin.

Gumshan people?? You mean Taishanese? I think some of them don’t speak Cantonese either…maybe they came from the village.

Gumshan means “Gold Mountain” which is what Cantonese people call San Francisco.

Well one time my dad got scolded by a random stranger in Chinatown for not understanding Taishanese. Apparently Gumshan means Taishan here…

There were at least 6 groups that came here in 19 century. Toishan District is just next to Zhuhai City in Zhong Shan County (aka HungShan meaning Sandal wood Mtn) next to Macao. Toishan may have villages but they are in names only. Majority people there spoke English for generations - very affluent area from day one. Cantonese is the popular spoken language only in west, central part an they use it to communicate with Guang Sai people as well. Many came to America are Hakka Clan who often can converse in Cantonese. Gumshan meaning West US Coast in general.
Here is one article I wrote for Tombstone News http://www.tombstonetimes.com/stories/chinese.html

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