Zuora IPO Shot Up 43%



I was reading about them last night. Old company actually. Been around since 2007.

Zuora is pretty meta. It’s a subscription business to help manage others’ subscription business.

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Those the types of businesses that usually do well. Sell something to all the folks who’ll need it to get in on the new thing. Like Mr Levi making jeans out of tents to sell to Gold prospectors.

Nutanix, a favorite among forum members, is a customer.

Really depressing to look back at the offer I got from them and turned down :sob::sob::sob:

Oh… :sweat:

I too got an offer from Zuora years ago and passed. I was unimpressed with their interviewers and thought the whole process was too rushed. Time will tell if I will regret it.

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Shame song :sneezing_face:

Company’s based in San Mateo btw.