10 Stocks That Every 30-Year-Old Should Buy and Hold Forever

10 Stocks That Every 30-Year-Old Should Buy and Hold Forever

PG √
WM √

Bad list. :-1:

XOM will shrink as alternative energy goes mainstream. BRK will be nothing without WB. What’s so hot about garbage men?

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Gates owns a ton of WM. Dividends :grinning:

I fairly agree with manch opinion including BRK-B. I Just put it to a screen-er, almost all except WM are 100B or more.

Second “Gates owns a ton of WM” does not mean we need to own. The security (Money safety) of Billionaire is different from us. It also matters when he purchased WM (may be like your AAPL 1998)

When we sell our 1000 shares, price drop won’t matter, but gates sell, he needs to comply extra sec-law and price drop will be significant.

Same is the case with WB, their MOS (Margin of Safety) is different from ours.

The best is the look out any stock, primary focus, between 2B and 20B good companies, growth or dividend, best for us. This should be main focus. This is high risk, but with careful analysis, we will be better. We may extend the same logic, 20B-50B, exceptionally good companies as secondary focus.

WB picks are like diamond certification that company likely do well, but it is up to us to choose the best.

Look like 30s need to consult @Jil :grinning:

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The simple search for any one is to find your next AAPL stock when they are just above 2B range. I have been watching, buying/selling UBNT since 2B, same is the case of NVDA just around 4B level.

What I failed to understand was buy and hold concept. Some of the companies,purchased very first, like TSLA ($41), NVDA($55) and NFLX($80), GOOGL($81), AMZN($725), AAPL ($470 pre-split), I should not have sold it.

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Not too late. Go buy couple million dollars worth of those stocks now and hold forever.

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I see WM as a way to play e-commerce. All the corrugated needs recycled. Also, they use methane from their own landfills as fuel for the garbage trucks.